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  • Austin012599

    I remember hearing the announcement that they were going to remake this movie long ago.

    The Lion King is one of my all-time favorite movies. I loved it ever since I was a child. The animation, the story, the music, the cast, the characters, and the amount of compassion and effort put into it.

    I wanted to say, that in all honesty, I don't see the value in remaking this movie into a live-action.

    One reason is because I find the amount of remakes that Disney plans to do to not be a good idea. Mainly because remaking movies like this one is just not necessary. It's a waste of time, money, talent, everything.

    Remakes like the recent Jungle Book movie and Maleficent were the better of those remakes because the stories were different, and there was a…

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  • Austin012599

    About my last Post

    March 8, 2017 by Austin012599

    Hi. It's me again.

    I wanted to come back because of certain things involving my last post.

    One of the reasons is because of one certain word: Homophobia.

    I looked up the definition of it, and I wanted to say, that I'm not a homophobic.

    The idea of my last post was to express how I felt about what was going on with one of The Disney Company's film and television projects. It was never to express my hate towards people who are gay.

    I would never dislike a gay person as a whole; it's really the act and practice of it I don't like.

    Aside from that, I remember a lot of people who, even though they are gay, have incredible talents.

    Take Nathan Lane for instance,

    Even though he's gay; his performance as Timon in The Lion King franchise is awesome and ext…

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  • Austin012599

    I found out about a couple of the things that Disney did. With the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie, and even one of their own cartoons.

    I must say, that I'm very sad and full of steam about it.

    Literally, they made Gaston's sidekick, Lefou, gay in that movie. I suppose it wouldn't be the fault of the studio as a whole though. After all, the director of the movie, Bill Condon, is gay, and he is likely the one comondeering the whole decision, along with the screenwriters.

    But when I found out about it on the internet, I was very angry about it.

    I was also angry that a Disney XD cartoon would stoop to the level of showing two men kissing.

    It made me want to spray paint the street, leaving a mark for the world telling everyone how much I'm agai…

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  • BobSponge444


    March 4, 2017 by BobSponge444

    I'm going to start making contributions on this wiki. Your welcome... 

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  • Russell Ferguson12


    February 26, 2017 by Russell Ferguson12


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  • RetroGameFan9000

    Few days left to vote a idea for the first month of Idea for Headline.

    Vote Now!

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  • SpyroandLPSfan

    Hey! Me, KKDisney and DonaldoC1997 are finding a good artist that can draw excellent Warner Bros. Animation-styled designs. We need ideas for good artists.

    NOTE: The final CTSB designs are a lot like my designs, except it's drawed Looney Tunes/Bunnicula-esque styled. For the designs I drew, go here. Note that try to make the human characters more have a teenage appearence (since they are supposed to be teenagers, 7th graders-12th graders to be specific.)

    IMPORTANT: That is optional. If you don't want to, you don't have to do this.

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  • Russell Ferguson12

    I love my life

    February 12, 2017 by Russell Ferguson12


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  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin

    Back when I first created the page for Venture, I had a PEGI 12 rating in mind. As of now, it has gotten so much darker that I do not know which rating. Here is my official ESRB descriptor to help you deicde:

    'This is a puzzle-adventure game in which players mine "Venturian" landscapes to harvest stylized materials.  From a first-person perspective, players traverse an “open-world” environment, avoid hazards, build new structures, and craft weaponry (e.g., blades, hatchets and guns) to occasionally defend against creatures (e.g., cannibals, shooters, titanic crawlers). Homicidal methods also include setting enemies alight with fire strikers or luring them into molten rock (causing them to turn red, black, and skeletal). Players can also enga…

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  • ShadEmmanZ-K9

    Well, with my friendship with Muppetlover16 being Broken, I've got to change my ways.

    (BGM: In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins)

    1. Deleting the traditional (the Bad ones) Pooh's Adventures pages.
      1. My Reasons are:
        1. Copyright issues.
        2. Censorship of dark themes from the Darker franchises to make it more family-friendly.
        3. With John Horton not wanting to help me due to being one of the Pooh's Adventurers, aka a bizzare fanmade webseries) so I've got help from Tonipelimies for my videogame ideas.
        4. Shippings like Thomas X Twilight don't make any sense at all because Trains don't reproduce organs but horses do.
    2. My behavior due to reasons:
      1. My rivalry with Bigbumbro for wanting Sonic even more than EQG for his fighting game so that way, we can have a diverse crossov…

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