• Austin012599

    This is another petition that I had recently made. This one being for the Storm King.

    As I probably said plenty of times before, the Storm King deserves so much more than hate from fans and an outshining by Tempest Shadow. To top it off, it looks like in the end, he won’t be making another appearance.

    Well, I say, let’s vote to give Hasbro some encouragement to give us more storms by the Storm King. Because in animation, anything can happen.

    Don’t forget to share this with others.

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  • Highpows

    this film is an about every animation on tv shows or movies show gets dimension together by the villan hoodie guy it's an kid's animation epic characters in the real life city human's world and save the world back to normal. want's creator and produced?

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  • Austin012599

    A little something I decided to share with you guys:

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind the FiM series ending, but...I do not want the adventures of our current characters to end yet!!!

    I’m not ready to stop seeing more new adventures of the Main 6. I feel like there’s still so much to go on! So, can you guys please vote on this? Mostly to keep all the characters that we love on the screen?

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  • CandyAnaisWatterson777


    May 10, 2018 by CandyAnaisWatterson777

    For those who loved the Super Smash Bros. series, I need help doing this page: Tom and Jerry in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you want to voulteer and help edit this page, please do so! Please no flames or else I will report you to the mods. Enjoy!

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  • Koopo783

    could someone help me some of the Generator Rex Glitched episodes please

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  • Nephelodeon

    I've been a wrestling fan for quite some time, watching WWE television on a weekly basis since late 2013. There are certain stories that I just find really interesting. It's like watching an ongoing series of movies. As of late, I actually considered making a few blog posts related to the subject (such as fantasy booking or movie ideas). Is anyone else on this wiki a big fan as well? If so, I'm more than willing to try this. Until then, feel free to answer these questions.

    • Who's/who're your favourite WWE superstar(s) (past or present; doesn't matter)?
      • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the Undertaker AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, just to name a few
    • What is/are your favourite match(es)? Here are some of mine:
      • Steve Austin vs Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 …
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  • Ethancartoons
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  • Torrent1703

    So i heard i must most commenly ask before posting a idea from CSP.

    I want to make a page of information about a roblox rip off?

    I made it my self.

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  • GreenGrassCreeper34

    Out of all of these villains from The Cryptids aside from Dr. Turbo and Angel...

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  • Austin012599

    Brothers. Sisters. Comrades of the United States of America.

    I come before you all today as an American citizen who is standing up not just for his rights & freedom, but for the rights and freedoms of others who hold the same beliefs as me. Especially those in California.

    This morning, before I ever went to church, I discovered something extremely shocking:

    Jerry Brown, Governor of California, along with the state’s Liberal Party and Democrat Party, want to take away California’s freedom of religion  and speech, and ban religious texts such as the Bible!

    If you don’t believe me, the proof of it is on this link:

    California Gov. Jerry Brown To Ban Sales Of The Bible

    Even though I’m no Californian, I am an American, and California is a part of Amer…

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