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  • SpyroandLPSfan

    Hey! Me, KKDisney and DonaldoC1997 are finding a good artist that can draw excellent Warner Bros. Animation-styled designs. We need ideas for good artists.

    NOTE: The final CTSB designs are a lot like my designs, except it's drawed Looney Tunes/Bunnicula-esque styled. For the designs I drew, go here. Note that try to make the human characters more have a teenage appearence (since they are supposed to be teenagers, 7th graders-12th graders to be specific.)

    IMPORTANT: That is optional. If you don't want to, you don't have to do this.

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  • Mailied56

    I love my life

    February 12, 2017 by Mailied56


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  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin

    Back when I first created the page for Venture, I had a PEGI 12 rating in mind. As of now, it has gotten so much darker that I do not know which rating. Here is my official ESRB descriptor to help you deicde:

    'This is a puzzle-adventure game in which players mine "Venturian" landscapes to harvest stylized materials.  From a first-person perspective, players traverse an “open-world” environment, avoid hazards, build new structures, and craft weaponry (e.g., blades, hatchets and guns) to occasionally defend against creatures (e.g., cannibals, shooters, titanic crawlers). Homicidal methods also include setting enemies alight with fire strikers or luring them into molten rock (causing them to turn red, black, and skeletal). Players can also enga…

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  • ShadEmmanZ-K9

    Well, with my friendship with Muppetlover16 being Broken, I've got to change my ways.

    (BGM: In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins)

    1. Deleting the traditional (the Bad ones) Pooh's Adventures pages.
      1. My Reasons are:
        1. Copyright issues.
        2. Censorship of dark themes from the Darker franchises to make it more family-friendly.
        3. With John Horton not wanting to help me due to being one of the Pooh's Adventurers, aka a bizzare fanmade webseries) so I've got help from Tonipelimies for my videogame ideas.
        4. Shippings like Thomas X Twilight don't make any sense at all because Trains don't reproduce organs but horses do.
    2. My behavior due to reasons:
      1. My rivalry with Bigbumbro for wanting Sonic even more than EQG for his fighting game so that way, we can have a diverse crossov…

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  • Sonic879

    Anyone who wants to support this petition sign it in this website:

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  • Rabbitgentleman

    Oh men! I spent more time in doing anything like what I have planned in school. But if you have Wikia account as a contributor, I need your help to work there faster. So before you contribute there, here are some important questions regarding to my Psonic X Touhou Wiki project.

    What is my wikia called?

    Psonic X Touhou Wiki

    Where is it?

    What is it about?

    The Psonic X Touhou Wiki (stylized version: PSONIC × 東方 Wiki) is a collaborative site of knowledge for everything related to a future competitive arcade-styled crossover fighting video game title with some role-playing game elements, Psonic X Touhou.

    Why am I making a wikia about this topic?

    To have a fanbase for a dark fighting game as an im…

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  • Whererebye

    My draft of my favorites

    February 8, 2017 by Whererebye

    The book entitled 'Old Skol iZ TeKchum AshA' is a fan-made fiction book about going to Tamagotchi's multiverse, Star trek's universe, and (Ommited); published in the late 47th century, written by an unknown woman who published in the public domain. The detail of this book is classfied.

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  • RetroGameFan9000

    Guys, I just made 10,000 edits!

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  • Cameron33268110

    If Toonami added Ojamajo Doremi English Dub

    English Dub for Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment/Hollow Fragment

    Jak II

    Aldnoah.Zero: Elite Force

    Pokemon Adventures

    Pokemon Colosseum

    Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

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  • ShadEmmanZ-K9

    Disney Infinity help

    January 29, 2017 by ShadEmmanZ-K9

    Hello people, I'm Emman Cortez and I'm announcing that Disney Infinity will be continued in this wiki.

    Captain Jake

    Sally Acorn

    Star Butterfly

    The first half of the 2 members of RWBY

    And more to be made real soon.

    1. Disney Infinity is a premature video game franchise so if we want the game to come back, We'll keep updating the pages.
    2. Fans need to get their requested figures for the game.
    3. Because Muppetlover16 asked me to deny help from John Horton (he said that he's one of the Pooh's Adventurers, I've decided to get help from Tonipelimies instead).
    4. Disney Infinity isn't over yet, since there are lots and lots of unfinished figures, playsets and stuff to do.
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