• Naiogate

    this movie is rating PG-13 by violence,blood,scary scenes and mild and rude action

    gumball one kid of 13 years of age is falls of by one accident of train

    gumball one teen of 13 years of age in one accident of train falls of and awake in the hospital but with one eye black with one point green in but discovery some powers ninja...some days later gumball search and find one box with objetcs ninja but the universe he corrupt and gumball is ready by one new adventure

    2hours 59minutes 58secons

    action and suspense

    PG-13 EE.UU.


    G-MEXICO T-España

    the murder

    gumball with the eye black

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  • Naiogate

    gumball:the red alert

    September 13, 2018 by Naiogate

    a movie of gumball rated:PG by violence blood and relations of the mafia

    gumball the red alert is a exelent movie of action,adventure,suspence and mafia style

    gumball is part of one group of gangters and gumball and his team discovery a red alert!

    gumball and darwin is it so ready for the mission of the leader gangter and having the red alert in a extreme mission of danger

    jackob hobckins his gumball(the leader)

    terrel ramson jñ his darwin

    tara strong his anais

    daniel russel his richare

    teresa gueller his nicole

    edd boon his rob the villiam

    mic graves his chad

    gumball:the red alert gallery

    edd boon his rob

    mic graves his chad

    logan glove his x

    Gumball Ninja Thunder (TV Series)

    gumball killed to chad

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  • Ex-combustis


    Writers: Nathan E. Schwabenland

    Producers: Guillermo Del Toro

    Directed by: To Be Announced or Coming Soon

    Chronometric Progression of the Lego Harry Potter Movie

    1 second = To Be Announced or Coming Soon

    5 seconds = To Be Announced

    10 seconds = To Be Announced

    15 seconds = ?????

    20 seconds = To Be Announced

    25 seconds = To Be Announced

    30 seconds = To Be Announced

    45 seconds = ????

    50 seconds = ????

    55 seconds = ???

    1 minute = "It's a shame that Only a Few Things Are Magic, and they don't fit into the natural brick made world either!"

    5 minutes = ???????

    10 minutes = ????

    15 minutes = ?????

    20 minutes = ????

    25 minutes = ?????

    30 minutes = ????

    35 minutes = ??????

    40 minutes = ?????

    45 minutes = ????

    50 minutes = ????

    55 minutes = ????

    1 …

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  • Naiogate

    murder mistery 2(film)

    September 12, 2018 by Naiogate

    PG-14:violence and scary

    jack,aeris and tom discover one murder mistery and they they have clean their names in one dangerous odyssey

    jackob hobckins as jack

    terrel ramson as tom

    tara srtong as aeris

    action,suspense and terror

    murder resolved

    jack killed to sam the phony

    aeris look one corpse

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  • Naiogate


    September 12, 2018 by Naiogate
    rated pg for action pure blood animated and scary scenes

    earthbound as one film of action adventures and suspense

    jackob jonckins as ness

    tara strong as paula and lila

    terrel ramson jñ as jeff,pockey and porcki

    jace norman as poo

    coming soon!

    action,suspense and adventure

    2 hours 33 minutes

    tawog:scene of ness in the high scooll

    dragon ball z:moment final ness with his hability killed giygas

    EarthBound 2

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  • CNReactionGuy18

    Ask Plastic Man

    September 11, 2018 by CNReactionGuy18

    Patrick:Ask any questions about me.

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  • Ex-combustis


    Set in 4 bits meaning 16 different colors per frame

    each second of film is at 60 frames per second

    1 second = light contrast between White and Black

    1 minute = 3 basic colors mixed up and re arranged to produce 9 different secondary colors

    1 hour = to be announced

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  • Paula712

    Back from break

    September 8, 2018 by Paula712

    Hey guys. I'm back from a break and start to countine edit my ideas.

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  • Ex-combustis


    Released in 2022


    (based on Hollywood CA, Los Angeles, CA, and Anahiem CA)


    1 second of gameplay = your mother wakes you up!

    1 minute of gameplay = you head out the door to your next door rivals house

    1 hour of gameplay = Professor Date gives you your starter!

    24 hours of gameplay = Beat the Game!


    one resembles a Red Gorilla (2 legs = strength)

    and the other resembles a Blue Cheetah (4 legs = speed)


    BEAST (ie Lycanrock Miltank and Tauros) AND GLASS (IE Chandelure, Cryogonal, and Sandslash)

    THE THREE Elemental STARTERS = 

    To Be Announced


    1 = USES NORMAL TYPES at level one, in fact its your next door rival whos the 1st gym leader…

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  • Paula712

    Taking a break from ideas

    September 6, 2018 by Paula712

    Guys, I'm taking a break from my ideas.

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