• Kyle0681

    Transformers Reboot

    July 15, 2018 by Kyle0681

    Guys,I'm creating a Transformers reboot series,also a new Hasbro universe.

    Here's the movies I will create first:



    My Little Pony

    Please help with the cast!

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  • Guestrerboo

    ES UNA PELICULA DE BOULDER PARAMOUTH WARNERBROS Y CARTOON NETWORK clasificada pg-13 por acción adolescente violencia sangre y mas pero no lenguaje

    Elmore esta en un problema grave las nubes tornadas de rojo y cielo negro y un auto se estrello sin razón entonces gumball darwin y anais se preparan para salvar el mundo y resolver el misterio

    Antes que la película empclassificada​​​​ para menores de 13 años paramouth  presenta gumball la película la película empieza con el more y los problemas que tiene gumball y darwin se preparan para todo y están listos para salvar el mundo gumball dice tenemos que salvar el mundo para así volver todo normal pero cuando gumball y darwin se preparan anais quiebra el martillo de darwin y se va silbando entonces…

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  • Guestrerboo
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  • J.D. Brony

    Infobox Image Size

    July 9, 2018 by J.D. Brony

    Hey guys, it's me JD.

    Are any of you aware of the error that happens when you upload an image to your infobox. Because when I tried to do that, the image ended up becoming REALLY BIG.

    I have no idea why this is, but how can it be fixed? If any of you have any solutions, I'd really appreciate it.

    Thank you. :)

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  • ReianaSmiley

    Fantage launched way back in the past, and it might have a successor later this year or next year. This isn't the last we hear from it, and if there isn't a successor to Fantage by this year or next year when it closes, there's a 100% chance we might have to plan a Nintendo Switch remake, something I'd like to avoid. 

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  • Paula712

    Making my ideas

    June 28, 2018 by Paula712

    Hey everyone. I will making my own ideas. ^^

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  • 763492 is back

    Since The poll experiences some annoying malfunction in the page What if DreamWorks Pictures/DreamWorks Animation was founded in 1934?, so I decided to ad this poll to here. So re-vote this please.

    Did you like this theory of DreamWorks would've been founded in 1934? Yes No Maybe I Don't Care

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  • Ex-combustis


    1972 = PONG

    one bit (up to 2 colors) graphics

    1987 = FINAL FANTASY

    8 bit (up to 64 colors) graphics

    1991 = FINAL FANTASY 4

    16 bit (up to 4,000 colors) graphics

    2002 = Final Fantasy 10

    32 bit graphics (up to 16 million colors) graphics

    2016 = 

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  • Ex-combustis


    from 1825 to Present Day

    KEY / LEGEND = one generation of movie audiences equals about 60 years later

    1825 = running time one second = Title The World's First Photograph

    1875 = running time one minute = TITLE: A Rushing RaceHorse

    How it was Made = mutliple images in one shot

    1902 A Trip to The Moon = coming soon

    1916 Ben Hur = coming soon

    1933 running time one hour long = Title KING KONG

    How it was made = puppetry and models airplanes and dinosaurs and black (traveling) matte paintings

    1999 running time two hours long = title = THE MATRIX

    how it was made = bullet time visual effects, multiple camera recorders in one green screen room with actors on wires

    2017 running time three hours long = title = TRANSFORMERS 5 THE LA…

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  • CLTwins15

    For Markiplier

    June 25, 2018 by CLTwins15

    Hey everyone, I’m sure that many of you have seen Markiplier’s latest video today. If you haven’t, I would recommend that you do so.

    Let’s all of us keep Mark and his family in our hearts this week. There is nothing on this earth more tragic than what his family has experienced. So, I would encourage all of you to send him a message of support, and a message to let him know that we all stand with him. Nothing else matters right now. 

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