• FriendlyGirl48
    • The Island of the Beasts!
    • A movie about a girl with issues (Need to work on that)
    • A movie reboot
    • Sequels
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  • Ex-combustis

    This Webpage is Under Construction Work In Progress

    INVASION of the Transformers

    A 2040s Film Developed for TV

    by Nathan Eric Schwabenland


    RUNNING TIME = 120 Minutes Long


    The Pilot (Feature Length Movie) = 

    1 second = BLACK

    1 minute = A Gigantic Gray Colored Cube (Probably the All-Spark) crashes in NYC, NY

    1 hour = To Be Announced

    2 hours = We are Here, We are Waiting, WE...ARE...(Cue the theme song from the 1986 Movie)



    (This may or may not Come True Depending on my Issues)


    Richard Steven Horwitz = ???

    Mark Hamill = B-126 "WASP,"

    Matthew Mercer = B-127 "Bumblebee,"


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  • Unknowunkno


    January 16, 2019 by Unknowunkno

    House of Fun it is a series based on House of Mouse only that this also presents characters from other companies.

    • Mickey Mouse
    • Félix the Cat
    • Oswald the Rabbit
    • Popeye

    • Disney: Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Dumbo, Bambi, Snow White, Cinderella
      • Gravity Falls: Dipper, Mabel, Stanley, Standford, Soos, Wendy
    • The Simpsons: Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Ned Flanders.
    • Spongebob: Spongebob, Patrick Star, Squidward, Sandy Cheeks, Mr. Krabs, Gary
    • Ice Age: Manny, Sid, Diego, Scrat, Ellie, Peaches, Buck
    • Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky, Tweety, Sylvester
    • Rio: Blu, Jewel, Linda Gurdenson, Dr. Tulio Monteiro, Rafael, Pedro, Nico
    • MLP: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Spike
    • Peppa Pig: Peppa…

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  • BrittalCroftFan

    Roleplay Fallout

    January 15, 2019 by BrittalCroftFan

    Would anyone like to roleplay Fallout. And if yes, then can you gals please play as Vault Girl?

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  • A Spy in Concealment

    So many times, I have seen many things in my life.

    But, Disney considering making Elsa from “Frozen” a lesbian in the upcoming sequel is something I am not going to stomach.

    In case many have forgotten, the company was founded by Walt Disney himself, who happens to have been a Conservative, Republican, and Presbyterian Christian. The company’s current decision is something I believe the “Man Behind the Mouse” would be far from proud of, and already I can see him rolling in his grave if the decision to make major characters in Disney films gay falls through. If anything, if they do anything like that, it would disgrace the very name of Disney.

    Among other things, it’s not just people who are gay who are fans of Disney and the Frozen series, bu…

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  • 80s20thcentury90s

    Or take please comment

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  • Kicouch2024

    Bambi 3

    January 13, 2019 by Kicouch2024

    Bambi 3 The Prince of Egypt 2 The Little Mermaids 4 The Road to El Dorado 2 The Chicken 2 

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  • AnimalLover63

    this was orignaly was going to be a comic AU then later turn out to be an amazing idea later and with the help of WindowsMyers2018 and ChrisopherRulez and NaturalWorldLover even helping on this incredible idea even I did concept art and logos I made and one of them was made by NaturalWorlLover.

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  • Ex-combustis

    The Evolution of Disney

    "Insert Quote About Tone Here,"


    "It's not the size of the fish that counts, it's how you cook them,"

    -Maxwell Atoms

    "If life seems jolly rotten, it seems that you've forgotten to laugh and smile and be grateful and sing,"

    -Eric Idle

    By the year 100 = ????

    By the year 1000 = ???

    By the year 1900 = There is Hope

    By the year 1930 = ???

    By the year 1960 = To Be Announced

    By the year 2000 = ???

    By the year 2020 = To Be Announced

    By the year 2080 = To Be Announced

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  • Ex-combustis


    In Live Action and C.G.I.

    As Adapted by Nathan Eric Schwabenland


    The First DIGIMON Film = 

    Released in the Year 2040

    RATED PG (Probably)

    Writers = Nathan Eric Schwabenland

    Producers = Nathan Eric Schwabenland

    Production Designer = To Be Announced

    Director of Cinematography = To Be Announced

    Edited by = To Be Announced

    Music by = To Be Announced

    Visual Effects by = To Be Announced

    Director Options =

    1 second of screen time = black = unfamiliar territory = a horror film director

    1 minute of screen time = 65 million years ago = 

    A) Phil Tippet (Jurassic Park 1993) = ???

    B) Michael Benjamin Bay (Transformers 2007) = ???

    C) Stan Winston (The Terminator 1984) = ???

    D) John Landis = ???

    E) Gareth Edwards = ???

    F) Dougla…

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