The idea for Blastards! is for a top-scrolling shooter RPG, which is endlessly playable. Top scrolling shooters tend to be made nowadays in Flash and submitted to sites such as Newgrounds.

Several years ago, there was a game published as Tyrian 2000, which had a huge variety of upgrades available to enhance your ship, and this is what I would like Blastards! to be based on. What I think would appeal to people is allowing every part of the ship to be customised, and have a large variety of weaponry, all with different strengths and weaknesses. Many of the items can be picked up, with a few hidden rare items around.

The question is whether nowadays an arcade-style game can be given a fresh look, while remaining true to the genre. What IS important though, is a strong story in the game, with an injection of humour.

I also suggest a facility to allow players to design their own levels.

Blastards! MMORPG

It would be difficult to have a top-scroller as an MMORPG, but the game could be recreated in 3D, with players operating out of busy space stations/planetary spaceports either going on solo missions or as a group to various hostile areas of space to take on waves of enemies. Players can select different factions to fight for, who are either allied or at war with each other, which can make for epic space battles. Wars can lead to areas being occupied by certain forces.

Other MMORPGs have successfully done this, so another game would need something unique as well as the endless, mindless slaughter of enemies

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