Justin and Burgess are called by Agent Welles that they must protect the crown of anubis.


  • Justin Blake (Ben Stiller)
  • Lt. Burgess Banks (Chris Rock)
  • Agent Vincent Welles (Clark Gregg)
  • Otis Preston (Alfred Molina) - the head of Cincinatti Mine Qaurters
  • Anastasia Jett (Christine Taylor) - Justin's girlfriend and later wife
  • Pierce Kirkland (Jon Bernthal) - former criminal turned agent of Cincinatti Mine Quarters, still holds a grudge against Burgess, with Burgess holding the same grudge against him
  • Proctor Johnson (Udo Kier) - Roy Clay's scientist!
  • Johan Clements (Geoffery Rush)
  • Ferris Blake (Patrick Dempsey) - Justin's older Brother
  • Sensei Woo (George Takai)
  • Brianna Flint (Ann Hatheway)
  • Captain Morris Johnson (George Lopez) - Burgess's new boss!
  • Roy Clay (Tony Todd) - the main antagonist, and wants the Crown to bring an army of Jackal men!


  • Police Officer (Andre Braugher)
  • Lifegaurd (Jessica Alba)
  • Librarian (Robin Atkin Downes)


Egypt: Cairo 2:00 P.M.

a mysterious figure sneaks into the Sphinx to steal the Crown of Anubis, but was foiled to realize it was a fake the whole time!

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