In Bionicle: Shattered Glass, on the island of Mata Nui, six canisters washed ashore on the island. Out came six heroes, when a great being fell to slumber. They were to defend the island from six tyrants. But not the ones you were expecting!

  • Mirrorverse Good Guys
  • Makuta

Antroz: Light-hearted Makuta of Fire, who is generous and kind.He is tall, strong, and a born leader.

Vamparah: Vamparah is Makuta of Water, and sometimes gets mad. He hangs in Va-Koro, Ga-Koro's mirror conterpart. But he will use his powers for good!

Chirox: Chirox is the medic and scientist. He is the Makuta of Earth, and is quick and careful about his experiments.

Gorast: She is the only female of the team, and the Makuta of Air. She often helps Bitil, and cures venom and other harmful substances.

Bitil: Bitil is Gorast's friend, and is the Makuta of Stone. He has the ability to clone himself for more action.

Krika: He is the strict second-in-command of the team, and it's Makuta of Ice. He's fills in as leader when Antroz is gone.

Rahi: The Makuta used Kanohi and used these cleansed rahi for good.

Teridax: the Great Spirit of his realm, was cast to sleep by his evil brother, Mata Nui.

  • Bohrok

Mata Nui was a dirty and filthy island, and the Bohrok's job was to clean and grow the island, but the evil Toa tried to prevent them. They are:






and Pahrak.

  • Mirrorverse Bad Guys
  • Toa

Tahu: Tahu is a evil, filthy, angry tyrant whose goal is to conquer the universe, like what Mata Nui wanted.

Gali: Like "The Fairly Oddparents" character Anti-Wanda, Gali is a dumb, slobbering Toa who irritates Tahu so much.

Onua: Onua likes breaking stuff, and speaks in third-person, like the Hulk. his most common saying is "ONUA SMASH!"

Kopaka: Kopaka is a silly Toa never taken seriously, and LOVES to crack jokes just for Tahu to be driven of the deep end. He is also a coward.

  • The Suicide Squad

Lewa: Lewa is a filthy, murdering, piece of scarp that most wish never existed. Leader of the Suicide Squad.

Pohatu: Pohatu is also a bad, serious Toa who's methood is slaming victims against a sharp rock.

Tauka: Tauka, or Taka,is a enslaved Ta-Matoran warrior who is violent. He never becomes Takanuva in this universe.

  • Rahkshi


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