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To stop any hero (Sora, Optimus, He-Man, Mickey, etc.) from getting into the core of Battleworld during the Secret Wars, the Beyonder has selected the worst villains and evils in order to kill the heroes.


  • Evil for Darkness: Count Dregon (Enemy: Masked Rider)
  • Evil for Chaos: Mephiles (Enemies: Sonic Underground)
  • Evil for Horror: Megatron (Enemy: Optimus Prime)
  • Evil for Terror: Doc Terror (Enemies: The Centurions)
  • Evil for Havoc: Grandmaster Meio (Enemy: Strider Hiryu)
  • Evil for Disaster: Venjix (Enemies: RPM Power Rangers)
  • Evil for Death: Guts Man (Enemy: Mega Man)
  • Evil for Discord: Chernabog (Enemy: Xion)
  • Evil for Destruction: Queen Beryl (Enemy: Sailor Moon)
  • Evil for Onslaught: Tabuu (Enemies: Suber Smash Brothers)
  • Evil for Terrorism: Skeletor (Enemy: He-Man)
  • Evil for Pollution: Hordak (Enemy: She-Ra)
  • Evil for Perishing: Mon-Star (Enemies: The Silverhawks)
  • Evil for Black Magic: Mumm-Ra (Enemy: Lion-O)
  • Evil for Kidnapping: Solus (Enemy: Derrick Cole)
  • Evil for Malevolence: Stavros Garkos (Enemies: The Hurricanes)
  • Evil for Madness: Psy-Crow (Enemy: Earthworm Jim)
  • Evil for Killing: Venger (Enemies: The D&D Protagonists)
  • Evil for Rape: Prime Evil (Enemies: 80's Ghostbusters)
  • Evil for Murder: Bad Rap (Enemies: Extreme Dinosaurs)
  • Evil for Drowning: Dr. Piranoid (Enemies: Street Sharks)
  • Evil for Torture: General Parvo (Enemies: Road Rovers)
  • Evil for Burning: Grimlord (Enemies: VR Troopers, Toon Force Power Rangers)
  • Evil for Busting: Supreme Control Freak (Enemies: Toon Force Power Rangers)
  • Evil for Burgulary: Vexor (Enemies: Beetleborgs)
  • Evil for Abduction: Lawrence Limburger (Enemies: Modo, Vinnie, & Throttle)
  • Evil for Disguise: The Hood (Enemies: International Rescue)
  • Evil for Undersea Chaos: Titan (Enemy: Troy Tempest)
  • Evil for Mysteron Control: Captain Black (Enemy: Captain Scarlet)
  • Evil for Animal Threats: Darla Dimple (Enemies: Team Cat)
  • Evil for Blood: Onigen (Enemy: Saya)
  • Evil for Choking: The Grand Duke of Owls (Enemies: Chanticleer, Uncle Remus, PB&J Otter)
  • Evil for Forced Marriage: Lord Barkis Bittern (Enemies: Victor van Dort, Emily the Corpse Bride)
  • Evil for Sin: Lyle Wainfleet (Enemy: Jake Sully)
  • Evil for Domination: Leonard Saber (Enemies: G-Force)
  • Evil for Overthrowing: Botticelli (Enemy: Despereaux)
  • Evil for Cheating: Chick Hicks (Enemy: Lightning McQueen)
  • Evil for Parricide: Scar (Enemies: Simba and his pride)
  • Evil for Fraud: Ronno (Enemy: Bambi)
  • Evil for Fear: Lord Fear (Enemy: Ace Lightning)
  • Evil for Acid Rain: Baron Silas Greenback (Enemy: Dangermouse)
  • Evil for Gold: Simon Barsinister (Enemy: Underdog)
  • Evil for Silver: Hugo-A-Go-Go (Enemy: Batfink)
  • Evil for Heat: Texas Pete (Enemy: Superted)
  • Evil for Cold: Tex Hex (Enemy: Bravestarr)
  • Evil for Kings: Prince Lotor (Enemy: Voltron)
  • Evil for Queens: Queen of the Crown (Enemies: The Galaxy Rangers)
  • Evil for Knights: King Miraz (Enemy: Prince Caspian)
  • Evil for Jacks: Nemesis (Enemies: Saber Rder and the Star Sheriffs)
  • Evil for Aces: Dr. Claw (Enemy: Inspector Gadget)
  • Evil for Swords: Sephiroth (Enemy: Cloud Strife)
  • Evil for Coins: Cat R. Waul (Enemies: Fievel & Mrs. Brisby)
  • Evil for Wands: Fairy Godmother (Enemy: Shrek)
  • Evil for Cups: Turbo (Enemies: Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Jr.)
  • Evil for Evading: Voldemort (Enemy: Harry Potter)
  • Evil for Evolution: Lord Piccolo (Enemy: Goku)
  • Evil for Slowing Down: Makuta (Enemies: The Toa of Mata Nui)
  • Evil for Medusa: White Witch Jadis (Enemy: Aslan)
  • Evil for Mutation: Dr. Viper (Enemy: The SWAT Kats)
  • Evil for Stealing: Queen Maeve (Enemies: The Mystic Knights)
  • Evil for Search: Bowser (Enemy: Mario, Winnie-the-Pooh)
  • Evil for Dead Bodies: Skeleton King (Enemy: Chiro)
  • Evil for Solar Energy: Mother Brain (Enemy: Samus)
  • Evil for Dragonage: Mordroc (Enemy: Dirk the Daring)
  • Evil for The Desert: Cobra Commander (Enemies: G.I. Joe)
  • Evil for Tragedy: Prince Charming (Enemies: Shrek, Wreck-It Ralph, Disney Princesses)
  • Evil for Crimes: Count Olaf (Enemies: The Baudelaire Orphans)
  • Evil for Nightmares: The Other Mother/The Beldam (Enemy: Coraline Jones)
  • Evil for Vandalism: Ian Hawke (Enemies: The Chipmunks and Chipettes)
  • Evil for Dip: Judge Doom (Enemies: Roger Rabbit, Yakko, Wakko & Dot)
  • Evil for Revenge: Smoke (Enemies: Michael, Cartoon All-Stars)
  • Evil for Leadership: Xemnas (Enemy: Sora)
  • Evil for Kung-Fu: Tai Lung (Enemy: Po)
  • Evil for Traps: Shredder (Enemies: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michaelangelo, & Venus)
  • Evil for Thirteen Years: Jason Voorhees (Enemies: The Remaining Camp Crystal Lake survivors)
  • Evil for Leading Evil: Satan (Enemy: God)

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