Told in the perspective of Librarian Sherry Troiani, three stories will be discussed.

Meet Sherry

Ms. Troiani was an amazing supervisor of mine, when I worked at Alta Vista in 2011-12. I chose to read stories to the kindergarten kids, as long as they were regular stories, not homemade. The only three homemade stories I will ever read to you about are (1) Private Party, (2) The Legend of Liliana, and (3) The Birth of the Grandtwins.

Story 1: Private Party

On the morning of Thursday, August 20, 2026, every Friendship Circle adult lined up in front of Jason and Laurel Flentye's house at 8am. The Friendship Circle spent their 21 years of service in Las Vegas, NV. The known participants of the event included: Bryan Orellana, Alexandros "Andrew" Martinez, Shan Tank, Brianna Logan, and the Flentyes. Since Andrew and the Flentyes brought underage kids (Elliot is 15, Harper is 13, and Liliana is 8), the venue had to take place at Excalibur Hotel, since it included an arcade.

Story 2: The Legend of Liliana

Story 3: The Birth of the Grandtwins

Senior Year has come for Liliana Martinez. 3 more weeks to graduation; yet, the girl (now a woman) is shown in the Ladies Locker Room of Carson High School. She pukes in one of the 6 toilets in the locker room bathroom. It turns out that she is pregnant with twins (one girl and one boy).

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