Beauty & the Beast is an American animated television series made by Walt Disney Television Animation which aired from September 18, 1993 to Decmeber 10, 1994



  • Beast's Bad Fur Day - When the Beast starts to shed his fur, Belle and the others help clean the fur up from his castle.
  • Doesn't Ring a Belle - Belle gets Amnesia after falling down from the library ladder. Beast and the others try to help her remember who she is.
  • He loves me, He loves me not - The Beast falls in love with a girl named Mamie, causing Belle to become heartbroken. Turns out Mamie was a spy hired by Gaston in an attempt to kill the Beast. Stepping in to protect Beast, Belle defeated Mamie, causing Gaston and his men to retreat. The Beast told Belle that nobody can replace her, and that she'll always be his friend.
  • Heated Trails - A blacksmith furnace who left the Beast's castle returns from his journey.