Beast Wars: Transformers (2015 Series.

Beast Wars: Transformers (2015) is a rebooting series aired on Discovery Family and based on the Transformers series.


Main Article: List of the Beast Wars: Transformers (2015 Series) Characters


Season 1

  1. New Beginning Part One
  2. New Beginning Part Two
  3. New Beginning Part Three
  4. Ten Maximals can make it Diference
  5. A Beaver Named Roadkill
  6. DeathDyno Arrives
  7. Sea Warriors
  8. Come Here, Warpath!
  9. A Bengal Tiger Called Catilla
  10. Triple Jeopardy
  11. Flyfight's Invention!
  12. A Red Parrot Called Tracks
  13. Blindmole the Warrior
  14. His Name is Chamaximal
  15. How Drift Betrayed The Predacons
  16. Trail-Breaking the 4th Wall
  17. Powerglide, The Fuzor
  18. Star Saber Shark
  19. Free Waverider
  20. Dolphinus, Guardian of Delphinus (Valentine's Day Special)
  21. The Day The Koala, Brawn, Saved the Maximals
  22. Badgerdigger's In Grave Danger
  23. The Flyfight Instant Immobilizer (Saint Patrick's Day Special)
  24. General Takes Knight
  25. Diver and Stampy Save the Maximals
  26. Stampy's Operational Superbotss S.O.S.! (Easter Special)
  27. Heinrad to the Rescue!
  28. The Manatee Medic Ratchet
  29. Bonecrusher's Defeat in America (Independence Day Special)
  30. Armordillo & Warpath
  31. The Rottweiler Hound
  32. Fire & Rescue

Season 2

  1. Coming of the Insections
  2. Brainstorm & Chromedome arrive
  3. The Reign of Terrorsaur
  4. The Evil of Scorponok
  5. Behold, Galvatron!
  6. The Wrath of Tarantulas
  7. The Revenge of Waspinator
  8. Starscream's Ghost Returns! (Halloween Special)
  9. Music of the Night
  10. Sonar's Secret
  11. Break and Cohrada's Discovery
  12. Mach Kick Kicks In
  13. Bring in the Wreckers
  14. Powermeerkat the Desert Warrior
  15. A Dodo called Skyhammer
  16. My Longrack... The Toucan Mini-Con
  17. A Mini-Con Turkey in Maximal Island (Thanksgiving Special)
  18. Roadkill's Amnesia
  19. Along came Nightscream
  20. Wheelie Comes As A Hamster
  21. Cosmos the Eagle
  22. Platypus Power! Bluestreak
  23. Snowy Avalanche (Christmas Special)
  24. The Maximals' Nightmare!!
  25. Kidnap the Bride of Primal
  26. Dark Desire of the Predacons
  27. Light's Avengers, The Maximals
  28. Maximals Supreme, Part 1
  29. Maximals Supreme, Part 2
  30. Maximals Supreme, Part 3
  31. Maximals Supreme, Part 4
  32. Maximals Supreme, Part 5

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