Battlecron is a Fictonal adaptation of the fanatsy story Lord of the rings and The hobbit about A family of Men and women who live in a secret realm with Magical creatures but the king discovers the realm and has all the creatures taken its up to the Bolrock family to save them


  • The Bolrock family
  • Zackaran Bolrock played by Logan Lerman: Gibolt and Fyder Bolrock"s eldest Son but Second eldest child
  • Airis Bolrock played by Jake short: Gibolt and fyder"s youngest son
  • Gibolt Bolrock played by Dennis quaid: Head of The Bolrock family and Leader of the alhiem Clan
  • Fyder Bolrock played by Anne hathaway: younger sister of Gibolt
  • Gathus Bolrock played by Skander keynes: second youngest child
  • Ila Bolrock played by Emma stone: The eldest child of the family
  • Voltain Bolrock Played by Russel crowe:Gibolt"s eldest sibling
  • Wyvorn played by Charliez theron Gibolts wife
  • The afilhiem clan
  • Sabel Voiced by Tara strong She is a Nundu

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