The Evacuation of Twilight Town or Invasion in Twilight Town is an Event That the Twilight Town is Under Attack by Grievous' Droid Army, Sith Order, and Galactic Empire Remnants. This Battle Occurs in Disney's The Chipmunks and Chipettes.


Twilight Town Under Attack (Disney's The Chipmunks and chipettes Season 2)

When The Chipmunks and Chipettes, Their Heroic Alien Friends, and Robot Friends, Wreckers, Six Allies, and Rebels Spotted and Shocked in Horror as the Twilight Town is Under attack by Grievous' Droid Army, Galactic Empire Remnants, and its Alien Armies.

However, Alvin and his Warriors Charges against the B1 Battle Droids, and B1 Grapple Droids and Droidekas.


Twilight town People




Imperial Units

Sith Units

Droid Units

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