Battle of Russia is the Campaign that Battles against Malefor in Russian City, and Second is Skirmish over Russian City that Battles Between Omega Supreme and Chernabog. it was One of conflicts of Planet Earth.


First Battle of Russia

When Twelve Gunships began to Drop Sora, Zack Fair, Cosmos, and Kirara to the Russian City, now that Omega Supreme lands to the City and then, the Black Imperial Star Destroyer Transforms into Demonic Denizen, The Dark Dominator Chernabog.

Second Battle of Russia

After receiving word that there might be a Decepticon hiding in Russia, NEST deployed a large force there with Galaxy Heroes of the Galactic Kingdom that year. The Humans evacuated the suspected area under the claim that there was a major Poison and they needed to send in search and rescue teams to the district. Once the area was evacuated, Gumball and Darwin, in their combined form of an Moving Truck, were deployed for reconnaissance while Sora, Optimus, and Sailor Pluto were held in reserve. Once Hot Shot joined the strike team, he transformed and was convinced that there was a Decepticon nearby. Unfortunately, the suspected Decepticon turned out to be Malefor the Ginormous Dragon. He transformed and smashed the city materials around him, sending them and several NEST soldiers flying. Gunships were deployed to deal him, but they had little effect. Amid the chaos, Malefor's companion Red Skull attempted to escape. Major Lennox ordered Cosmos and Shippo to take him down, but Red Skull abandoned caution and transformed to robot mode, jumping through an apartment building to escape the tripartite Autobot. The friends attempted to go around the building, but the turn was too fast for Gumball to keep up, and the twins separated. Sailor Pluto was then deployed to prevent Red Skull from escaping, and the Sailor Warrior threw one of his swords into Nazi Leader, then sliced him in half with the remaining blade. As Red Skull crashed in two separate pieces, Sailor Pluto reflected that he was good.

Meanwhile, Malefor had escaped onto the freeway and began destroying multiple cars, whether by rolling over them or flinging them aside. Shippo was still following, but could not match the larger bot in terms of speed. Sergeant Epps radioed an overhead six Gunships to Drop Sora into the battlefield. Once he had landed, the Heroic leader immediately made his way to a freeway overpass that Malefor was about to drive through and jumped onto him, making his way to his head. When Malefor refused his command to pull over, Sora then fired a few shots from his keyblade into the Dragon's head. His injury slowed him down long enough for Ironhide to jump onto him and shoot out his massive wheels, sending Malefor off the freeway and crashing into a Sea below. As the Galactic Heroes and the NEST soldiers advanced on the Villain, Sora inquired if he had anything he would like to say. In defiance, Malefor declared that the Autobots would not save Earth, and that Wiseman had Arrived. Sora, Ironhide, and Cosmos replied in the negative and put an energy blast into Malefor's Heart, destroying him.



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