Batman will never be the Same!


Batman's story is combined with the 90's, 2003, and the movie verison, and have the same hero, with the best of Gotham.


Bruce Wayne/Batman (Steven Jay Blum) - main character and is similar to the 90's version design, he is more charming as Bruce Wayne, and more skilled and intellegent as Batman.

Alfred Pennyworth (Adrian Truss) - Bruce's devoted butler, he is the same as the comics, and he has always supported Bruce, even if Batman is needed.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Jodi Benson) - Bruce's girl of his dream, and Batman's forte. She wears the Catwoman outfit from the film "Catwoman", yet her costumes coloration is based off "the Batman", She is still a cat theif, but she does it to get Batman's attention.

Dick Grayson/ Robin (Greg Cipes) - In season 2, he was adopted by Bruce when his parents were killed, and becomes the Boy Wonder.

Babara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle (Ashley Johnson) - Commisioner Gordon's daughter, and good at helping out with Batman, she is Robin's girlfriend, her costume design is based off the Batman and Robin film!

Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman) - Gary Oldman reprises his role as Gotham's finest Police head, He aids Batman with clues of the culprits, and info on Gotham.

Jean Paul Valley/ Azarael (Keith Szarabajka) - Clone St.Dumas, who took up the Bat Armor. He is a second mentor of Robin.

Jason Todd/Robin II (Dante Basco)

Tim Drake/ Robin (Jonathan Taylor Thomas)

Most Wanted

Joker (Michael Weatherly) - The badest villain in Gotham City, and Batman's worst! His design is combined with "The Batman" with "Batman the Animated Series", and is revealed to been one of Bruce Wayne's old Secretary

Penguin (Joe Alaskay) - The big daddy of Mobs of All Time, he is a master bird trainer, and the one who often tries to become mayor of Gotham City, but the attempts always fails courtesy of Batman!

Mr. Freeze (Arnold Scwartzenager) - The Scientist that worked for Gothcorp and then got in an accident trying to cure his wife, his armors homage is similar to the Live action version, He in this series starts out as an enemy of the Bat, but later on became an allie!

Bane (Miguel Ferrer) - the Spanish enforcer from Brazil, whom came to be a solution against Batman, he is also an enemy of Superman, He tries to prove to them that when he uses Venom with a compound that came from space, he becomes as strong as a mountain!

Poison Ivy (Jennifer Hale) - The Plant Lover who believes Plants are the best and should rule the world, She had plastic surgery on her whole body for eternal beauty, and injects Plant Algae into her blood, to be plant like, and she is a constant enemy of Batman!

Ras' Al Ghul (Graham McTavish) - The main antagonist of season 1, revealed to be the one murderer of Bruce's parents, and even Robin's Parents, he is immortal courtesy of the Lazarous Pit!

Talia Al Ghul (Danica McKeller) - Ra's Daughter with no will of her own!

Jonathan Crane/ Scarecrow (Charlie Adler) - The master of fear in Gotham, former teacher of the Gotham University was banned, then becomes the master of Terror in a Strange way, his costume is based off the "Batman: Begins" homage!

Edward Nygma/ Riddler (Matt Frewer) - A Riddle Master who makes riddles for the Dark Knight to handle!

Waylon Jones/ Killer Croc (Kevin Michael Richardson)

Bazil Karlo/ Clayface (Kevin Michael Richardson)


Season 1:

  • Beginning
  • Cats Tale
  • Tales of the Dark Knight
  • Fear Itself
  • Riddle Me This

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