After the huge success of Batman: Arkham City, Rocksteady and Warner Bros have decided to craft a fourth game in the widely popular “Arkham” series. The game will be titled Batman: Arkham Chaos. It will be released on the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3, in the U.S on September 14th, 2015. 3DS and Vita versions will hit stores a week later on September 21st, 2015. The UK, Australia, and Japan will be able to get all platforms starting on October 9th, 2015. The rest of the world will have the game released to them on October 22nd, 2015. A worldwide PC and Mac release is slated for early to mid January 2016.

WB Montreal will not be producing this game. However, it will recognize the continuity of Batman: Arkham Origins

Game Modes

Story Mode

Players can play as Batman and some of his allies as they progress through a plot line. Characters can also level up to achieve upgrades such as armor increases, new gadgets, and enhanced abilities. Aside from the main story, players can also freely roam the play area, doing whatever they desire. An array of side missions and collectibles also scatter the city, leaving plenty to do, even after the storyline is complete.

There are three difficulty levels, Easy, Normal, and Hard. These can change the amount of damage thugs and bosses, increase the amount of thugs, give thugs and bosses more health, give thugs and bosses quicker reaction times, and decrease the experience needed to level up from enemies.

While Batman's storyline lasts nearly three times the length of Arkham City's story,the other free roam characters each have a story about 1/2 the length of Arkham City. All DLC characters don't have any story parts, but once they are purchased, spawn points will appear in the playable area so they can free roam.

New Game +

If a player completes the main story on either the Normal or Hard difficulty level, then they unlock the option to start a New Game +. This mode, which is chosen separately from Story Mode, allows players to play the story again, but with super tough henchman and bosses, no counter icon displayed, and a few new Easter Eggs. To compensate for the extreme difficulty, players will keep all their upgrades from their 1st playthrough

Villain Revenge Mode

This lets players test their Batman: Arkham Chaos skills in various challenge maps using many different characters, some being exclusive to this mode. There are 3 types of challenge maps. They are Combat, Predator, and Behemoth.


In Combat maps, characters fight through 5 rounds of thugs, goons, and henchman, which each round becoming increasingly difficult. A point system is implemented, and players aim to reach three point goals, each one being double the value of the previous.


In Extreme Combat maps, characters fight in the same areas as their non-Extreme counterparts, but with the enemies being even more difficult. More weapons are used by thugs, goons, and henchmen, and players may also face mini-bosses such as Titan thugs or Lieutenants. Also, the goals for reaching point values are significantly higher.


In Predator maps, characters attempt to silently take out a group of armed thugs. Players also have three optional objectives to complete, which normally involves taking out a goon in a certain way or using a specific gadget. There is also a timer at the top of the screen that shows the time elapsed since you began the map.


In Extreme Predator maps, characters play in the same rooms as the regular Predator maps. However, more if not all enemies will have body armor, thugs will carry higher caliber weapons, and have upgraded senses. In addition to this, the three optional goals are much more difficult and/or risky to perform.


In Behemoth maps, player use characters that are very large, and only playable in this form of challenge map. The characters will roam through a massive room or hallway filled with thugs and special items. Players can uses basic brute attacks, throw objects or unconscious bodies, or use items to perform a special attack that can only be executed by that character. Characters will try to reach point values, similar to Combat maps, and do three objectives, similar to Predator maps. Due to the sheer size of the characters, they cannot be harmed by normal henchmen, but can be harmed by a mini-boss. The time limit for Behemoth maps are 3:00, or until all goons are knocked out and objects destroyed.


In Extreme Behemoth maps, you play in the exact same areas that are featured in the non-Extreme maps. There are more enemies, more mini-bosses, and more special items. But, the time limit is only 2:00, the point objectives are higher, and the goals are harder to perform.

Replay Mode

Here, players can replay sections of the main story. Can be used to revisit missions for fun, go Easter Egg hunting, or even to hear all the pieces of dialouge.

Playable Characters

Main Story (Free Roam, Story Sections, Combat, and Predator maps)

Batman/Bruce Wayne

Catwoman/Selina Kyle

Robin/Tim Drake

Nightwing/Dick Grayson

Batgirl/Cassandra Cain

Azrael/Micheal Lane

Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries

DLC (Free Roam, Combat and Predator maps)

Batfamily Pack

The Spoiler/Stephanie Brown

Creeper/Jack Ryder

Batwoman/Kate Kane

Huntress/Helena Burtinelli

Arkham Rouges Pack

Hush/Tommy Elliot

The Riddler/Eddie Nashton

Red Hood/Jason Todd

Talia Al Ghul

Black Mask Pack

Black Mask/Roman Sionis

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson

Deadshot/Floyd Lawton

Lady Shiva/Sandra Woosan

Firefly/Garfeld Lynn's

Electrocutioner/Lester Buchinsky


Behemoth Maps

Penguin Titan Thug

Joker Titan Thug

Joker (Titan Infected)

Harley Titan Thug

Two-Face Titan Thug

Black Mask Titan Thug

Fear Gas Titan Thug

Blockbuster/Mark Desmond

Solomon Grundy/Cyrus Gold


Killer Croc/Waylon Jones


Main Story

The Intimidators

The Riddler/Eddie Nashton, Black Mask/Roman Sionis, Scarecrow/Jonathan Crane, Hush/Tommy Elliot, and Professor Pyg/Lazlo Valentin

Harley and Ivy's Gang

Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel and Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley

Two-Face's Gang

Two-Face/Harvey Dent, and the Abramovici Twins

Penguin's Monsters/Gang

Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot, Solomon Grundy/Cyrus Gold, Blockbuster/Mark Desmond, and Gorrila Grodd


Eli Strange, Lex Luthor, TYGER, Mad Hatter/Jervis Tetch, Mr. ZZZ, and Signalman/Phillip Cobb

The League of Assassins

Ra's Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, and KGBeast/Anatoli Kynazev

Solo Villains

Red Hood/Jason Todd

Crazy Quilt/Paul Dekker

Zsasz/Victor Zsasz

Deadshot/Floyd Lawton

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson

Side Mission (and characters besides Batman) Villains

Catman/Thomas Blake and Cyber Cat/Christina Chiles

The Ratcatcher/Otis Flannegan

Tweedledee/Deever Tweed and Tweedledum/Dumfrey Tweed

The Broker/Sherman Fine

Killer Moth/Drury Walker

Prometheus/Chad Graham

Kite Man/Charles Brown

Sugar/Peyton Riley and Scarface

Humpty Dumpty/Humphrey Dumpler

Man-Bat/Kirk Langstrom

Cluemaster/Arthur Brown


Anarky/Lonnie Machin

Lady Shiva/Shiva Cain

Calculator/Noah Kuttler

Doctor Hurt/Simon Hurt

Maxie Zeus and Harpy/Iris Phelios

Great White Shark/Warren White

Zodiac Master

Jane Doe

Cavalier/Hudson Pyle

Batzarro/Wayne Bruce

The Maronis

The Falcones

Junkyard Dog/Tucker Long and Doodlebug/Daedulus Boch

Calendar Man/Julian Day

Condiment King/Mitchell Mayo

Electrocutioner/Lester Buchinsky

List Of Bios (characters not already mentioned)

Rupert Throne

Lucius Fox

Vicki Vale

Aaron Cash

Superman/Clark Kent

Lady Blackhawk/Zinda Blake

Ten Eyed Man/Philip Reardon


Deadman/Boston Brand

Holly Robinson

Tony Zucco

Joe Chill

Lew Moxon

Edward Skeevers

Son Of Pyg/Janosz Valentin

The White Rabbit


Clock King/William Tockman

Captain Stingaree/Karl Courtney

Magpie/Margeret Pye

Film Freak/Burt Weston

Gentleman Ghost/James Craddock

Amygdala/Aaron Helzinger

Black Spider/Derek Coe

King Snake/Edmund Dorrance

Zebra Man/Jake Baker

Trigger Twins/Thomas Trigger and Tad Trigger

Mr. Polka Dot/Abner Krill

Firebug/Joeseph Rigger

The Question/Charles Szasz

Harold Allnut

Wildcat/Ted Grant

David Cain


Lock-Up/Lyle Bolton

Ace The Bat Hound

Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Ragman/Rory Regan

Katana/Tatsu Yamashiro

Mr. Toad

Bag O' Bones/Ned Creegan

Eraser/Leonard Fiasco

Commissioner James Gordon

Renee Montoya

Harvey Bullock

Crispus Allen





Alternate Costumes


Batman Begins Batman

The Dark Knight Returns

Batman Beyond Batman

Earth One Batman

Year One Batman


Knightfall Batman

1989 Batman

Civilian Outfit

1970s Batman

Batman INC. Batman

Adam West Batman

Animated Batman

Armored Batman

Sinestro Corps Batman

Green Lantern Batman

White Lantern Batman


The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman

Animated Catwoman

The Long Halloween Catwoman

Civilian Outfit

Julie Newmar Catwoman

Patience Phillips Catwoman

Batman Returns Catwoman

Holly Robinson Catwoman

Brave and the Bold Catwoman

Violet Lantern Catwoman


Red Robin

Animated Robin

Burt Ward Robin

Damian Wayne Robin

Jason Todd Robin

Batman and Robin Robin

Earth-Two Robin

Civilian Outfit

Green Lantern Robin


Animated Nightwing

Flashpoint Nightwing

Year One Nightwing

Violet Nightwing

Green Nightwing

Early Nightwing

Civilian Outfit


Animated Batgirl

Barbara Gordon Batgirl

Stephanie Brown Batgirl

Yvonne Craig Batgirl

Civilian Outfit


Animated Azrael

Jean-Paul Valley Azrael

Mr. Freeze

Animated Mr. Freeze

Batman and Robin Mr. Freeze

Unarmored Mr. Freeze

Otto Preminger Mr. Freeze

The Spoiler

Animated Spoiler

Civilian Outfit


Animated Batwoman

Mystery of the Batwoman Batwoman

Silver Age Batwoman

Bette Kane Batwoman

Civilian Outfit


Animated Creeper

JLA Creeper

Kingdom Come Creeper

Earth-Nine Creeper

Civilian Outfit


Animated Huntress

Earth-Two Huntress

Birds of Prey Huntress

No Man’s Land Huntress

Civilian Outfit


Animated Hush

Civilian Tommy Elliot

Civilian Bruce Wayne

Gates Of Gotham Hush


Titans Plague Deathstroke

New 52 Deathstroke

Animated Deathstroke

Earth-Ninety Seven Deathstroke

Civilian Oufit

The Riddler

Animated Riddler

Frank Gorshin Riddler

Batman Forever Riddler

The Batman Riddler

Civilian Outfit

Red Hood

Animated Red Hood

Red Lantern Red Hood

Civilian Outfit


Animated Cyborg

Titans Tomorrow Cyborg

Flashpoint Cyborg

New 52 Cyborg


Earth-23 Cyborg

Captain Marvel

Animated Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Jr.

New 52 Captain Marvel

Earth-5 Captain Marvel

The Dark Knight Strikes Again Captain Marvel

Civilian Outfit


Animated Aquaman

Sword of Atlantis Aquaman

Seven Seas Aquaman

Bronze Age Aquaman

Black Lantern Aquaman

Justice Aquaman

Civilian Outfit

Black Canary

Animated Black Canary

Birds Of Prey Black Canary

Earth-Three Black Canary

Golden Age Black Canary

Civilian Outfit



Voice Cast

  • Kevin Conroy - Batman, Hush, Batzarro
  • Dino Andrade - Scarecrow, Crazy Quilt
  • Nolan North - Penguin, Black Mask, Kite Man
  • Troy Baker - Two-Face, Robin
  • Fred Tatasciore - Bane, KGBeast, Mr. Hammer
  • Robin Atkin Downes - Firefly
  • Steven Blum - Killer Croc, Blockbuster, Creeper, Sickle, Electrocutioner
  • Gary Dourdan - Crispus Allen, Doodlebug
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Ra's al Ghul, Signalman
  • Maurice LaMarche - Calendar Man, Mr. Freeze
  • Misty Lee - Sugar
  • Tom Kenny - Scarface, Condiment King
  • Wally Wingert - The Riddler
  • Danny Jacobs - Zsasz, The Broker
  • Jensen Ackles - Red Hood
  • Peter MacNicol - Mad Hatter
  • Grey DeLisle - Catwoman
  • Tasia Valenza - Poison Ivy
  • Tara Strong - Harley Quinn, The Spoiler
  • P.J. Mattson - Harpy, Renne Montoya
  • Tom Kane - Quincy Sharp
  • David Kaye - Commsioner Gordon
  • Powers Booth - Gorilla Grodd, Mr. ZZZ Sr.
  • Kelly Hu - Lady Shiva
  • Rosa Salazar - Copperhead
  • Martin Jarvis - Alfred Pennyworth
  • Kimberly Brooks - Oracle, Anne Bishop
  • Loren Lester - Nightwing, Slyfox
  • James Horan - Jack Ryder
  • Kari Wahlgren - Vicki Vale
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Lucis Fox
  • Stana Katic - Talia al Ghul
  • Zhang ZiYi - Lady Shiva
  • Duane R. Sheapard - Aaron Cash
  • Roger Rose - William North, Zodiac Master
  • John DiMaggio - Man-Bat, Aquaman
  • Rob Paulson - Sal Maroni
  • Corey Burton - Solomon Grundy, Killer Moth, Eli Strange
  • Khary Payton - Azrael, Mr. ZZZ, Cyborg
  • Bruce Greenwood - Prometheus
  • Jennifer Hale - Jane Doe, Huntress
  • Rick D. Wasserman - Clayface, Deadshot
  • Chris Cox - Eddie Burlow
  • Vannessa Marshall - Black Canary
  • Andre Sogiluzzo - Carmine Falcone, Anarky
  • Eric Bauza - Junkyard Dog
  • Audrey Wasilewski - Cyber Cat, Batgirl
  • Kevin DeLaney - Captain Marvel, Cluemaster
  • Rob Castanzo - Harvey Bullock
  • Bill Faggerbakke - Humpty Dumpty
  • Samuel Vincent - Electrocutioner, Professor Pyg
  • Joe Thomas - Lex Luthor
  • Herman Sanchez - Maxie Zeus, Cavalier
  • Patrick Seitz - Deathstroke, Ratcatcher
  • Richard Epcar - Great White Shark, Joker Hallucinations
  • Tara Platt - Batwoman
  • Graham McTavish - Doctor Hurt
  • Jeff Bergman - Tweedledee and Tweedledum
  • Douglas Lawerence Osowaski - Calculator

Addtional Voices

  • Eric Bauza
  • Joe Holt
  • Roger Craig Smith
  • Chris Gardner
  • Peter Lurie
  • Diedrich Bader
  • Erin Torpey
  • Rick Negron
  • Diedrich Bader
  • Susan Eisenberg
  • Philip Proctor
  • Hynden Walch
  • Rick D. Wasserman
  • Terri Hawkes
  • Robin Atkin Downes
  • Brian Bloom
  • Nika Futterman
  • Daran Norris
  • Elizabeth Daily
  • Dave Fennoy
  • Gregg Berger
  • Tricia Helfer
  • Jodi Benson
  • Lex Lang
  • James Arnold Taylor
  • Danica McKellar
  • Kim Mai Guest
  • Vannessa Marshall
  • Olivia d'Abo
  • Gina Torres
  • April Stewart
  • Gary Anthony Williams
  • Richard McGonagle
  • Josh Keaton
  • Matthew Mercer
  • David Faustino
  • Benjamin Diskin
  • Yuri Lowenthal
  • Colleen O'Shaunggesy
  • Rino Romano
  • Sam Riegel
  • Dawnn Lewis
  • Cree Summer
  • April Winchell
  • Audrey Wasilewski
  • Summalee Montano
  • Jason Spisak
  • Brian George
  • David Kaufman
  • Nick Jameson
  • Jason Marsden
  • Jim Meskimen
  • Keone Young
  • Lacey Chabert
  • Greg Ellis
  • Travis Willingham
  • Julianne Grossman
  • Eliza Schneider
  • Kath Soucie
  • Clive Revill
  • David Sobolov
  • Andy Milder
  • David Markus
  • Kimberly Brooks
  • Lloyd Sherr
  • Andrea Baker
  • Rachael MacFarlane
  • Susan Blakeslee
  • Peter Renaday
  • Vicki Lewis
  • James Patrick Stuart
  • David Kaufman
  • Robert Tinkler
  • Ali Hillis
  • Phil LaMarr
  • Michael Beattie
  • S. Scott Bullock
  • Keith Ferguson
  • Bumper Robinsion
  • Vyvan Pham
  • Michael Gough
  • Cathy Cavadini
  • Mitchell Whitfield
  • Greg Cipes
  • Serena Berman
  • J. K. Simmons
  • Nicholas Guest
  • Stephen Stanton
  • Michael Benyaer
  • Christian Lanz
  • Jeff Bergman
  • Courtenay Taylor
  • Chris Edgerly
  • Tara Strong
  • Jim Cummings
  • Robert Clotworthy
  • Ogie Banks
  • Janice Kawaye


  • Collette Sunderman - Casting and Voice Director
  • Nick Arundel - Composer
  • John Williams - Composer, Music Arranger
  • Micheal Story - Composer, Co-Arranger
  • Sefton Hill - Game Director
  • David Hego - Art Director
  • Paul Dini - Writer


All of these ideas are owned by JJJBATMAN


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