A possible idea for a Star Wars/Bald Guy mashup.


A New Fur

The Sinpire Strikes Back

Return of the Bible


Good Characters

The Captain: Capn Skywalker

Gillian: Princess Gilla

Cheif: Cheif Solo

Eddie: Eddie/Eddbacca

Tin Man: C-P3O

Rookie: Rook-2-D2

Grandpa: Obi-Wanna-Nobi

Pastroff: Yodstroff

Herman: Herm Antilles

Bad Characters

Sinalot: Darth Sin

Minions: Miniontroopers

Drexel: Imperial Officer

King Louie: Boba Louie

Carlos: Creedo

Captain Hook: Jabba the Hook

Captain Sin: Captain Maul

Jabberjaws: Emperor Jabberpatine

Chaos: Coosk

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