Bailey LaMarr is a new student at Ghettoville elementary
Bailey LaMarr

Bailey LaMarr


Bailey has medium blonde hair and light blue eyes

Bailey wears a black and yellow shirt, black pants, and black and white sneakers


Bailey's personality is similar to that of Bailey Pickett from the suite life on Deck, and Sofia Monari from the MY AMerica series, combined.


  • Bailey is voiced by Jessica DiCicco
  • Bailley was based off Bailey Pickett ftom the suite life on deck
  • Bailey's herritage is revealed to be italian-american
  • Bailey moved to Ghettoville from Hillwood
  • Bailey has an overbite, which is often poked fun at by some of the students
  • The GHetto, Little Italy was chosen for Bailey's residence, due to her Italian-American herritage

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