Rick Ferris is saddened that he lost his son and wife to Angus Truss, who is now engaged to his wife, and wanting her wealth to send him to military school.




  • Rick Ferris (Jim Carrey) - in the end, Regains his son, and moves to Oaklahoma!
  • Brianna Ferris (Naomi Watts) - Rick's wife, in the end, apologizes to Rick, and ends up in rehabilatation!
  • Kyle Ferris (Jonah Bobo) - Rick's son, in the end, goes out with Felicia!
  • Henna Truss (Kiernan Shipka) - Angus's daughter, in the end, ends up living with Rick!
  • Felicia (Ariel Winter) - Kyle's love interest and the one who put Angus to prison for trying to marry Brianna and send Kyle to military school, in the end, going out with Kyle!
  • Angus Truss (Vince Vaughn) - the main antagonist and Brianna's greedy fiance who wants to marry her and send Kyle to military school, in the end, ends up in Prison!



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