January 18, 2013


  • Jackson Whitaker (Ben Stiller) - Calvin and Tori's father. In the end, he was thrilled to hear Calvin's first word, "Greedy"
  • Olivia Whitaker (Catherine Zeta-Jones) - Calvin and Tori's mother. in the end, she was thrilled to hear Calvin's first word, "Greedy"
  • Mallissa Neil (Rachel Weisz) - Olivia's sister and Calvin and Tori's godmother.
  • Malcolm Neil (Cillian Murphy) -The main antagonist, and the brother of Olivia and his goal is to take Calvin and raise him as his own, In the end, ends up imprisoned and made a janitor!
  • Picolo Devichi (Cirian Hinds) - Jackson's mature boss, in the end, he is seen grossed out about Serena and Nicole kissing and left the scene
  • Joey Brinks (Anthony Michael Hall) - The resorter of the motel. In the end, gets rammed by Ted and Tori!
  • Ted and Ned (Neil Patrick Harris and Jenson Ackles) - helping Jackson and Olivia on their suitcases, in the end,
  • Serena Richards (Pauley Perrette) - in the end, gets fired!
  • Nicole Weis (Selena Gomez) - in the end, gets fired
  • Mila Kunis as Tori Whitaker, Calvin's 14 year old sister.
  • TBA as Calvin, Tori's baby brother.


Tori Whitaker (Mila Kunis) is stuck babysitting her baby brother, Calvin, because her parents, Jackson Whitaker (Ben Stiller) and Olivia Whitaker (Catherine Zeta Jones) are going on a vacation. But while Tori's watching The Amazing World Of Gumball on TV, Calvin runs away from the house. When Tori sees that Calvin's gone, She runs over to Ted and Ned's place (Neil Patrick Harris and Jenson Ackles) for help on finding Calvin.

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