The Attack on Kyzil Plateau, Veldin is the Heroic Alliance of Universe's First Battle over the Planet. This Battle Occurs in Galaxy Star Super Miracle Night.



Veldin was attacked by Decepticon forces, hired by World of Dark Alliance Leader Sark who called for the Devastating chaos. They flew to Veldin and arrived to assist the Autotroopers in defeating the Decepticons. Two Commanders arrived at Kyzil Plateau once again, and they proceeded to eradicate the Decepticon and Heartless invaders. The pair then boarded a Five Heroic Gunships and arrived at F Sector, where they defeated the Enemies. After being consulted on the situation by Riku, they left for Galactic Kingdom to carry out further orders.


Heroic Commanders

Autobot Alliance of Universe

Autobot Drone Units

World of Dark Alliance





Decepticon Drone Units


(Two Commanders Approach Veldin...)
SORA: 'There it is! Veldin is Under attack by the Decepticon and Heartless Infantry!' (to autotroopers) 'All Units, Dive on!'
(Heroic alliance of Universe and his autobot Infantry swoops to veldin)
SPOCK: 'Alliance of Universe, Full attack!'
(Autotroopers eradicates Enemy infantry; Ratchet arrives)
SORA: 'Spock! it's the Lombax!'
Dr. LEONARD McCOY: 'You're Here! Welcome to veldin! the Heartless and Decepticons are attacking the whole city!'
RATCHET: 'What's the Situation?'
SAILOR MOON: 'The Decepticons and Heartless forge to Kyzil Plateau, Somewhere in F Sector.'
RATCHET: 'Captain Kirk, Sailor Moon wants me to attack those enemies and save the planet. We need a new Coordinates.'
JAMES T. KIRK: 'Yes. Destroy the enemies, and you're the alliance of Universe member! Come on!'


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