Astro Sentai Bezeranger vs Youthenger! is the name of the next Super Sentai teamup. This took place before the Bezerangers got their BezerNaut powers.


Jago Kazaki, who is Jiro Kazaki's father, arrives on Earth to avenge the death of his son. He forms an alliance with Boukarre, and goes on a "childnapping" spree. It seems that he abducted every kid in Tokyo, except all six Youthengers! So, Hayato and Detso must go back to their Super Sentai duties again, round up the four remaining Youthengers, and join forces with the Bezerangers to stop Jago from turning the kids he captured into mean adults.


Jago Kazaki: the movie's main villain, and Jiro's father. He too has a monster form, and it's a demonic, gigantic one. He is so powerful that he crippled the following mecha: BezerRex, Bezer Bear, BezerRagon, Co, Sani, Xats, and Cookie. Luckily, the two Sentai teams combined their remaining mecha to form the Bezer Youthen-Oh'.' He is then ultimately destroyed by that robot.

Dagars: Jago's foot soldiers, and the remaining ones he has.


Bezer Youthen-Oh(combo of YouthenElephant, YouthenBear, YouthenBunny, Bezer Shark, Bezer Tiger, and Bezer Bunny)

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