Idea Origin

This idea is a prediction of a future theatrical 2-D Movie

This Movie will be distributed by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures

Based of a comic book by me

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This Story starts 10,000 years ago. A war between the Mirror Dimension and The Black and White Realm ravaged throughout both universes. After defeating the monster, almost all of the savors didn’t make it. However, one man named Tiberius and his friend, Trek, escape the carnage and travels years into the future to protect the world from devistation and destruction. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. Some unknown visitors came to the planet after the old king died, and one of those visitors took the throne. But after that, there was an attack. There was a giant monster who attack the sheep meadow. When Tiberius heard the attack, he decided to create an ultimate life form named Arlene.


Jodi Benson as Arlene, A Life Form created to protect civilization from evil

Catherine Taber as The Transdimensional Vacuum, Arlene’s most vital weapon used to send anything it catches into a dimension where it’ll steal the ability it has

Andrea Libman as Tiffy, Arlene’s best friend

Mike Myers as Tiberius, A Mad Alien Scientist and Arlene’s Creator

Patton Oswalt as Trek, Tiberius’s Clone and Assistant who released Arlene down to earth

Daran Norris, Charlie Adler, JB Blanc, Kevin Michael Richardson, Richard Kind, and Jaleel White as The Drogans, An alien species who reeks habit and annoys the world

David Odgen Stier as The DestrucTron, A Tank

Will Ferrell as Kyle (Kye for short), Arlene and Tiberius’s Rival who sends monsters to destroy their home island

Dave Fennoy as Ripjaw, An Invincible Creation and Kyle’s loyal friend

Jemaine Clement as Octopus Monster, the first monster Kyle sent and Arlene Fought

JB Blanc as The Narrator


A sequel called Arlene 2 was released in theaters in ???