Arachnid-Man Legacy

This is the new Arachnid-Man Comic series with new characters


Set 5 Years after the death of Arachnid-Man Noah's little brother who is now 15-Year-Old is still in mourning over his brothers death. So he decides to carry on his brother's legacy he goes to the zoo and releases a Taxon to bite him. It does and he doesn't die because he has simular blood to his brother which also means he does not have all of his brothers powers he only has Super Strengh, Agility, High Jumping skills, and Wall Crawling abilities and can actually develop webs but they splatter. With his new found powers he uses them to carry on his brother's legacy as Arachnid-Man.


Yeah I know he's simular to Spider-Man and I did copy his costume design but hey this is Idea Wiki anything can happen

Number of Issues

Still running

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