Aquaman ia back and better than ever


Aquaman must take on his responsibilities as King of Atlantis, and hero that keeps balance of the surface world and the tides!


Aquaman (Christian Slater) -

Mera (Emanule Chirichi) -

Aqualad/Garth (Phillip Glasser) -

Captain of the Guard (Jeff Bennett) -

Lagoon Boy (Dee Bradley Baker) - Garth's oldest friend and the one who picks on Wally the Walrus for fun!

Lorna Morris (Tara Strong) - brunette pony-tailed mermaid, whose in love with Garth, She is good friends with Tula, and Lagoon Boy

Wally Walrus (Dee Bradley Baker) -

Tula (Tara Platt) -


Black Manta (Michael Dorn) -

Ocean Master (Robert Englund) -

Charybdis (Andre Braugher) -

The Fisherman (J.B. Blanc) -

King Shark (Robin Atkin Downes)-

Siren (Katie Griffin) -


Season 1:

  • Atlantis in Peril
  • Rise of Black Manta
  • Attack of the Sharks

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