A plane that can go to warp speed using antimatter.

Heres how it works:

The antimatter is securely stored in suspension until the plane goes into full throttle, when it is moved through metal tubes in suspension to canisters in the engines, where, when the engines reach 96.0 throttle, the antimatter annihilates with the air put in the canister right at 96.0. The blast lasts for a nanosecond in both engines, enough for the plane to go warp. Then all the particles of the plane will turn into a gas, racing at warp speed. If it runs into anything,it will be unaffected because it is going so fast and is a gas, and made up of atoms that can only be split or destroyed in particular circumstances.It is going so fast, it is unaffected by friction and gravity. Because the pilot cannot turn off the warp, the pilot must program the flight path all beforehand. When the plane has arrived at its programed stopping point, the thing stops because the remaining antimatter after the original annihilation, suspended still, annihilates with the surrounding matter (air,co2, nitrogen) and slows the particles down, where they reform into their original masses.

Wait a second:"It is going so fast, it is unaffected by friction and gravity." Light is affected by gravity as it rounds the sun, so that makes stopping the particles going at warp speed easier! Just alter the blast, alter the distance traveled.

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