Retired Hank Pym, the 1st Ant-Man discovers that his suit has been stolen, he must find the suspect with help from Luke Cage and Iron Fist.


July 31,

  • -antman la pelicula (julio 2015)
  • Michael Duglas - Hank Pym, el primer Ant-Man,
  • Rashida Jones - Janet Van Dyne / la avispa
  • Paul Rudd - Scott Lang/Ant-Man vengador
  • Terry Crews - Luke Cage (cameo)
  • Jenson Ackles - Iron Fist (cameo)
  • Erin Gerasimovich - Cassie Lang
  • Ken Jeone - David House
  • David Cross - Jules Frees
  • Kevin Grievioux - Brutus, Male,
  • Samuel L Jackson - nick fury
  • post creditos nick fury con scott lang y janet van dyne sobre los vengadores "la guerra civil".
  • antman scott lang y la avispa estarán en los vengadores 3 (2018) .



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