Animal Crossing: The Greatest Adventures is a new Animal Crossing film that is somewhat a sequel to the first anime film, but this film is going to be in English and Japanese. And it's also going to be a 3-D movie. This is going to have new characters, new events, and a new story as well.


The film starts with a ride on the railroad train, and Rover is shown speaking to a person and asks the person what his name is. The person answers "Toby", then says to him "it's cool", which means it's a boy. Rover then gives Toby at least 3 questions and he answers 2 "A" choices and one "B" choice. Rover asks Toby to name a destination, and Toby names it Ontario. The train stops for Ontario. Toby is so excited to enjoy and live in Ontario. Toby sees Isabelle and greets her, but suddenly hears Tom Nook calling him, Tom Nook arrives and greets Toby and gives him his information. Tom Nook lets Toby choose a house. Toby chooses a house and tells Tom Nook that he likes it. He then pays Tom Nook 1,000 bells, but Tom Nook realizes that it's not enough. Tom Nook then asks Toby to come into Nookingtons' to recieve jobs. Toby then goes to the Town Hall to meet Pelly, Phyllis, and Tortimer (who's retiring and letting Toby be the mayor of Ontario). They greet him, except for Phyllis (who is mean to every single villager). Toby hurries to Tom Nook's shop and Tom Nook gives hm at least 6 jobs. Toby has done them, and so, Tom Nook allows him to shop and also still keep working like what he did. Tom Nook introduces Toby to Timmy and Tommy, the twins. Toby browses and shops for a while, then outta the shop, he is able to play and speak with his good friends, catch fish and insects, dig up fossils and pitfalls and make a lot of cash. The very next day, Mr. Resetti pops out and converses with Toby. Toby continues to enjoy the fun and excitement with his good friends, go to the city, greet his good friends again, then writes letters to his parents and his good friends in his house. He then plays with his good friends again and again 'til the day ends. At night time, K.K. Slider arrives and Toby asks him to play K.K. Rock. K.K. plays his song, and everybody then cheers. Toby is now ought to socialize with his good friends. He then takes Roald to his house for a sleepover. Toby's parents arrive at his house and they get interested with Toby socializing with Roald.

Voice cast

  • Jesse McCartney = Toby (voice)
  • Don Rickles = Tom Nook (voice)
  • Jennifer Hale = Pelly (voice)
  • Susan Blakeslee = Phyllis (voice)
  • Hank Azaria = Tortimer (voice)
  • Danny Cooksey = Axel (voice)
  • Rob Paulsen = Frobert (voice)
  • Cree Summer Francks = Monique (voice)
  • Ashley Johnson = Tiffany (voice)
  • Pamela Hayden = Roald (voice)
  • Logan Lerman = Pierce (voice)
  • Brandon T. Jackson = Gruff (voice)
  • Melissa Altro = Tutu (voice)
  • Kath Soucie = Pinky (voice)
  • Jim Cummings = Mr. Resetti (voice)
  • Samuel L. Jackson = Don Resetti (voice)
  • Craig Ferguson = Blathers (voice)
  • Sandy Fox = Celeste (voice)
  • Grey DeLisle Griffin = Margie (voice)
  • Tara Charendoff = Tommy (voice)
  • Nancy Cartwright = Timmy (voice)
  • Frank Welker = K.K. Slider (voice)
  • Veronica Taylor = Reese (voice)
  • Eric Stuart = Cyrus (voice)


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