This is the Anaheim Disney Resort Main Entrance Back Ground Music Which the Both Gates of Disneyland Anaheim & Disney's Grand California Adventure.

List of Tracks:


1. Me Ol' Bamboo (From Irwin Kostal & His Orchestra)

2. Mickey Mouse March (From Walt Disney World Band LP)

3. The Droid Room (From The Music of Disneyland, Walt Disney World & EPCOT Center)

4. Phantom Manor Theme

5. Maroon Cartoon Logo

6. Smile Darn Ya Smile

7. The Mornorail Song

8. Bearless Love

9. Parade of the Wooden Soliders

10. Beautiful Beaulah

11. All in the Golden Afternoon

12. Songs from Winnie the Pooh (From Walt Disney World LP)

13. Colonel Hathi's March (From Disneyland Band LP)

14. Bare Necessities (From Disneyland Band LP)

15. Disney Medley 1 (From Disneyland Band LP)

16. Disney Medley 2 (From Disneyland Band LP)

17. Fantasmic! Exit Music (From Fantasmic)

18. StormRider Suite (From Tokyo DisneySea Music Album)

19. Journey to the Center of the Earth Theme (From Tokyo DisneySea Music Album)

20. California Girls

21. A Marching Band (From Walt Disney World Band LP)

22. A Wonderful Day Like Today (From Disneyland Band LP)

23. E.T. Theme (From E.T.)

25. Under the Sea

26. Pluto's Playtime (From Walt Disney World Forever)

27. Seize the Future

28. When You Wish Upon a Star (From Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra)

29. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (From Aisle Seat)

30. Come Cartoon

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