Amberizer is the origin of amber, a sap from pine trees. The insects trapped in the amber were able to speak and can not move.


KID: 'Mum, look!'

MUM: 'Will we buy this?'

KID: 'An ant in amber...'

KID: 'You speak!'

ANT (in amber): 'Yes, i do, little kid. The origin of the amber i was trapped in was on pine trees.' (Amber cutscene plays)

FLY: 'Look out!'

TABUU: 'Evil spirits of the Decepticon-Skynet-Romulan Empire, turn those insects to amber!'

SPIDER: 'Ant, look out!'

TABUU: 'So, you challenge me, huh?'

ANT: 'Big deal, evil-brain!'

TABUU: 'I will turn you into amber, Ant!'

ANT: 'Unforgivable, Tabuu!'

TABUU: 'How did you know my name? Insect!'

FLEA: 'I'm turning into amber! Save me!'

ANT: 'I'm coming!'

TABUU: (turning Ant to amber) 'Hahaha! You'll never be free of the amber! Ever!'

MOSQUITO: 'Ant... What has happened to Ant, you freak!'

TABUU: (turning Mosquito to amber) 'Silence!'

ANT: 'We were turned to amber when Tabuu stole the source of the amber: pine trees. Everyone was turned to amber, even Dragonfly. I was doomed to meet my maker.'

KID: 'What happened?'

ANT: 'Tabuu stole pine trees to make amber.'

KID: 'Where's the Amber Collection, Dad?'

DAD: 'It's next door.'

KID: 'Thanks'

KID (as he enters the Amber Collection): 'Oh, my Goddess...'

ANT: 'This is where the petrified insects are.'

DRAGONFLY: 'Hey, Ant! I'm over here!'

ANT: 'Dragonfly! You're OK!'

DRAGONFLY: 'We were turned to amber in some of our acts, like mating, bringing food back to our nests, in a state of defence, in the middle of eating, attempting to camouflage ourselves, defend our young, and even releasing chemical substances in order to ambush predators like i do. However, the chemicals stopped moving when i was Amberized.'

ANT & KID: 'Amberized?'

DRAGONFLY: 'Yes. We are all in a state of suspended animation. Fly! Why are you not moving?'

FLY: 'Brother, I was Amberized when i was flying.'

ALL: 'Flying?'

FLY: 'Yes. You, Dragonfly, and I, were loyal to the Peaceful King Wasp. When Wasp was Amberized, we seperated.'

WASP: 'Time stopped for us.'

FLY: 'Wasp! What are you doing here?'

WASP: 'I was Amberized when i was stinging Tabuu at his arm.'

SPIDER: 'True. Spiders like me have been trapped in amber for millions of years.'

BEETLE: 'As I predicted! I was in amber when i was climbing the same pine tree which released amber!'

CRICKET: 'I was trapped in amber when i was jumping, Beetle! It's all Tabuu's fault!'

GRASSHOPPER: 'Tabuu might be the cause of the Amberization.'

P. MANTIS: 'Youre right! Some insects are marking territory when they are Amberized.'

GRASSHOPPER: 'But some of them are not one of us, like frogs and leaves, and even lizards!'

FLEA (jumping to Ant's amber stone): 'Ant, i'm your friend, remember?'

ANT: 'Flea! You came back to me!'

FLEA: 'Yes.'

KID: 'Why are you in my hand.'

FLEA: 'Because Heiwa, the Insectian goddess of peace, told me to jump.'

TABUU: 'Heiwa still lives! And I've been deceived!'

MOSQUITO: 'Tabuu still lives to drain energy, like us mosquitoes do suck blood of enemies.'

TABUU (attacing the kid): Where is Heiwa? Where is she?'

ALL PETRIFIED INSECTS: 'Heiwa, we summon you to defeat Tabuu and turn us into our normal form!'

TABUU (turns around): 'Huh? HEIWA!'

HEIWA: 'It's over, Tabuu!' (Heiwa seals Tabuu in a Pandora's Box, so he can never return again)

ALL INSECTS: 'At last! Free! Victory! Yes!'

MUM: 'My son! You did it! You freed the insects!'

KID: 'Yes, with a little help from a goddess.'

MUM: 'Heiwa is back!'

DAD: 'Time to go to school!'

KID: 'Dad, it is not school yet!'

DAD: 'Time to get up!'

(Kid dreams of insects flying in amber resin)

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