Amazing Venom is a 2021 film and starts the Venom film series.


Harry Osborn finds who Eddie Brock really is, and remembers that he was attacked. He hires a man named Johnathan Ohnn who worked for his father. Once he finds a test tube with blue liquid, he drinks it and becomes a blue person who shoots ooze that can melt people. J. Johna Jameson names him Mr. Oozer. He keeps trying to hit Venom but only hits innocent people. Once he is defeated, he becomes a normal person and everyone who melted turns into a blue person called Oozings. They however cannot shoot ooze that melts people but they can shoot ooze at other blue people to make themselves more powerful. In an army of blue people, Venom gets shot and turns into a blue venom who is good. After a few days, it all wears off and Johnathan sips a white and black serum. He falls asleep for a long time. When he wakes up, he is in an alternate universe where he is Spider-Man going to destroy The Green Goblin. He finds out that Peter is Spider-Man. He goes through a portal which brings him back to Earth. In addition to killing Venom, he decides to kill Peter as well. Harry teams up with Venom even though he attacked him to save his friend.

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