Welcome Friends! This Is All Star Heroes! In Story Mode Play in 7 Worlds With Your Favorite Team! The Teams Is: Team Mushroom, Team Ribbon, Team Senshi & Team Krusty! and The Worlds Is: Ocean, City, Sweet, Canyon, Jungle, Haunted & Airship!

Bowser is Creating A Big Plan To Conquer The World and Revive Shadow Queen!

The Villains Is Going To Tricks Again! But Your Team Is Ready To Defeat Bowser and His Minions! Let's Play!

Here's The Battle and World Plan:

Ocean World

Stage 1: Seaside Hill

Stage 2: Caribbean Palace

Stage 3 Boss: Gooper Blooper

City World

Stage 4: Time Police City

Stage 5: Nuclear Plant

Stage 6 Boss: Team Battle 1 ( Team Mushroom VS Team Senshi / Team Ribbon VS Team Krusty )

Sweet World

Stage 7: Cookie Land

Stage 8: Bucket Of Chocolate

Stage 9 Boss: Jenji Monster

Canyon World

Stage 10: Rail Canyon

Stage 11: Bullet Station

Stage 12 Boss: Stompy

Jungle World

Stage 13: Tiger Forest

Stage 14: Monkey Jungle

Stage 15 Boss: Team Battle 2 ( Team Mushroom VS Team Ribbon / Team Senshi VS Team Krusty )

Haunted World

Stage 16: Funky Graveyard

Stage 17: Tomie Mansion

Stage 18 Boss: Tomie The Scarewoman

Airship World

Stage 19: Bowser Jr. Airship

Stage 20: Bowser's Castle

Stage 21 Boss: Bowser

Final Boss Phase 1: Shadow Queen 1

Final Boss Phase 2: Shadow Queen 2

Did You See? Here's The Team Photos:

See Ya!

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