Welcome To All Star Fighters 2! The New Challengers!

The Characters Is: Mario, Spongebob, Goku, Kelly, Pocoyo, Majin Boo, Vector & Minako!

The Challengers Is: Piper ( After The 3rd Match ), Gohan ( After The 7th Match ) & Ash ( After The 10th Match & Before The Final Match )

The Bosses Is: Rei Hino ( Sub-Boss ) & Takeru Shiba ( Rei's Big Brother & Final Boss )

Remember The Stages: Mushroom Valley, Mrs. Puff Boating School, Kami Temple, Caribbean Beach, Jubilife Park, Hearthome Treats, Sunland Park Casino & Motorcycle Gas Station!

Select Your Favorite Character and Let's Fight and Fun! Here's The Character Photos!

Oh! I Almost Forgot! The Boss Stage Is: Kyoto's Temple! Goodbye!

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