Hi Everyone! Did You Like The Fight Games! Here Take This!:

All Star Fighters is From 8 Teams! But 2 Teams Villains is Here! and Sailor V Too!

The Rules Is: Win 6 Battles ( 6 Rounds in Arcade Mode ) But In Normal, Hard or Very Hard Mode Sailor V Appears After Winning The 3rd Battle and Challenges You To A Battle With Her! In Any Stage!

The 8 Teams Plays In His Home Stages!: Peach's Castle, Minako's Resort, Kaori's Garden, Bob-Omb Factory, Pocoyo's Park, Chaotix Casino, Green Hill Zone, Octopod Arena, Koopa Pack Playroom & Bowser's Castle.

The Teams Is Called: Team Mushroom, Team Senshi, Team Rose, Team Dark, Team Pocoyo, Team Chaotix, Team Sonic, Team Octonauts & Team Koopa Pack!

The Villain and The Challenger is Sailor V & Bowser!

After Winning All 6 Battles You Fight With Team Koopa Pack!

After Defeat Team Koopa Pack You Watch a Cinema: The Playroom Changes To a Bowser Castle! and Bowser Appears To Revenge The Koopa Pack Defeat!

Enjoy The Game & Good Luck! Here's All Team Photos!

Okay Guys! See You Later!

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