Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! This Is All Star Dodgeball!

In This Game In Story Mode You Have To Play 5 Matches With Randomly Team!

After Winning All Matches You Have To Play With Koopa Bros Gand and Bowser The Champion!

A Secret Revelated: After Clear Story Mode With All Teams You Have To Play With Kaoru Shiba The Dream Champion!

The Teams Is: Team Mushroom, Team Pokemon, Team Saiyan, Team Pocoyo, Team Star Fox, Team Senshi and Team Sonic

The Villains Is: Team Koopa Bros & Bowser The Champion!

Remember: The Game Is For Fun!

The Stages Is: Mario Stadium, Pikachu Playroom, Kamisama Temple, Pocoyo's Park, Hall Industries, Amusement Park Abandoned, Casino Park Zone and Bowser's Lair

Ok, Here's All Teams, Villains and The Dream Champion!

That's All Folks!

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