Hi Everybody! This Is All-Star World Fighters In Mario World!

In This Game The 8 Best Fighters! Fight In This Stages!

DK Jungle, Luigi's Mansion, Delfino Plaza, Wario's Factory, Gooper Blooper Construction Site, Mario Classic Stage & Peach's Dome!

The Last Stage is Bowser's Castle!

You Have To Win 7 Stages! And The Battle With Bowser is The Last Stage! After a Character Wins The Tournament A Group Of Hammer Bros Captures A Player and Goes To The Bowser Castle To The Final Battle!

The Characters Is: Mario, Spongebob, Goku, Ami, Pocoyo, Majin Boo, Vector & Minako! Bowser Is The Villain!

Remember: Enjoy The Game and Let's FUN!

Here's The Images From Characters & Stages!

Oh! I Forgot! Mario Is From Mushroom Kingdom! And The Other Characters Is In Other Worlds!

Spongebob Is From Bikini Bottom, Goku & Majin Boo Is From Dragon World, Ami & Minako Is From Japan, Pocoyo is From His World & Vector is From Mobius!

OK That's All!

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