Agent Cody Banks: Animated is an american animated show based on the "Agent Cody Bakns" film series. It incorperates Anime style forms and CGI backgrounds,


Taking place four years after the events of the Second movie, Cody Banks is now a 20 year old college student, and a Senior 1st class CIA Agent. He will embark on new CIA missions around the world, aided by his old partners and some two new ones as well

Voice Cast

  • Josh Keaton voices "Cody Banks" - one of the main protagonists of the series, now a 1st class CIA agent
  • Phil LaMarr voices "Derek Bowman" - Cody's Best friend and Partner, A bit of a klutz but always helpful with his teammates.
  • Laura Bailey voices "Emily Summers" - A CIA British Intelligence officer, Cody's partner and love interest
  • Angie Harmon voices "Veronica Miles" - A CIA Oppritive from the first movie. who helps Cody and the others.
  • Keith David voices "the CIA Director" - Head of the CIA who Breifs Cody and the Others on their missions.

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