This is the Adventureland Background Music for Disneyland Park in Canada.

List of Tracks:


1. The Jungle Book Overture (Serengeti Serenade)

2. Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii

3. I Already Have a Husband

4. Nhamo

5. Caderas

6. Temrina

7. Amatoto

8. Nhimutimu

9. Mashamba Nzou

10. The South American Way

11. Baby (From The Jungle Book)

12. Monkey Chase (From The Jungle Book)

13. Tell Him (From The Jungle Book)

14. Jungle Beat (From The Jungle Book)

15. What'cha Wanna Do (From The Jungle Book)

16. Tiger Fight (From The Jungle Book)

17. Poor Bear (From The Jungle Book)

18. Deep Jungle (From Kingdom Hearts)

19. Having a Wild Time (From Kingdom Hearts)

20. Holy Bananas (From Kingdom Hearts)

21. Adventures in the Savannah (From Kingdom Hearts II)

22. Savannah Pride (From Kingdom Hearts)

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