Adventure Time With Mordecai & Rigby is a 2 hour long episode of Regular Show.


When Mordecai & Rigby are teleported to The Candy Kingdom they must join forces with Finn Jake & Ren to stop a new evil.


JG Quintel - Mordecai

William Saylers - Rigby

Jeremy Shada - Finn The Human Boy

John DiMaggio - Jake The Dog

Zach Shada - Ren The Long lost brother

Jeff Bridges - Marto Mandroid : the main antagonist

Julian Holloway - Death: The secondary antagonist

Tom Kenny - Ice King : a minor antagonist

Ron Perlman - The Lich : a major antagonist

Sam Marin - Benson,Pops

Mark Hammil - Skips

Janie Haddad - Margaret

Minty Lewis - Eileen

Lynden Walch - Princess Bubblegum

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