Acorn Madness 3: Evolution is Upcoming with 2014 of a Wii U, 3DS, PSVita, PS3, PS4, XGame and XBOX 360.


A story of called Escape of Mushroom Kingdom.
When Flippy & Dr. Octagonapus are Escape of the Newer than a Stolen of the Master Crystal. Acorn Madness and Mario are Destroying of the World. Flippy & Dr. Octagonapus are Away of the Acorn Madness.


The Acorn Madness dropped the Flipnote Hatena are absent.




in a Acorn Madness has a 605 Stars are So Far than a Series
Acorn Madness are Characters is a Mii, Flippy are Mii than a Wii U or 3DS.


Acorn Madness 3: Evolution/Gallery


  1. Escape of Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Who Would Win
  3. It's All Your Fault
  4. The Legend of the Soul
  5. Became of World 6
  6. Who Dad First, Part 1
  7. Who Dad First, Part 2
  8. Sea Monsters of the Salt
  9. Flippy Loves Me
  10. Lost in the Suckers
  11. Lost of Master Crystal, Part 1
  12. Lost of Master Crystal, Part 2
  13. Have You Come to The Lich
  14. Best Fight of the Box
  15. Mario get Trouble
  16. Last of the Great Snow
  17. Attack of the Dragon
  18. Dipper go Forest
  19. Walk of the Prank, Part 1
  20. Walk of the Prank, Part 2
  21. To the World 11
  22. Hall of the Donkey Kong
  23. Secret Idol
  24. The Final of Music
  25. Koopalings All Clear
  26. This is World 18
  27. Volcano Origins
  28. Flippy The Bear, Part 1
  29. Flippy The Bear, Part 2
  30. Flippy The Bear, Part 3
  31. The End

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