This Box Set of Tokyo Disneyland Could Be Similar to A Musical History of Disneyland Which The Musical History of Disneyland Was Released in May 5, 2005 With 6 Discs, But This Set for Tokyo Disneyland Will Be Featured 7 Discs Per Set. This Box Set Only Featured Attractions, Area Music, Parades, Sounds from the Park and Fireworks. Will Released in Japan Around 2013 of The Park's 30 Years.

Disc One

World Bazaar

1. Card Walker's Dedication of Tokyo Disneyland (April 15, 1983)

2. Coney Island - The Dapper Dans

3. Tokyo Disneyland Band

Sounds of World Bazaar

4. Maple Leaf Rag - World Bazaar Pianist

5. Minnie's Yohoo - Saxophone Quartet


Sounds of Adventureland

6. Tiki Room Barker Bird

7. The Enchanted Tiki Room Garden Show

8. Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room (Full Show)

9. Enchanted Tiki Room: Get the Fever! (Full Show)

10. Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents Aloha E Komo Mai! (Full Show)

11. Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Thru Mix

12. Western River Railroad Ride Thru Mix

13. Sounds of the Jungle Cruise

14. Happy Rag


15. All Aborad the Mine Train - Westernland BGM

16. A Cowboy Needs a Horse - Westernland BGM

17. The Mark Twain Riverboat

Sounds of The Westernland Shootin' Galley

Disc Two

Westernland, Continued

1. Country Bear Theater (Full Show)

2. Country Bear Vacation Jamboree (Full Show)

3. Old Yeller - Westernland BGM

4. The Ballad of Davy Crockett - Westernland BGM

5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Sounds (Train, Bats, Mining Sounds)

6. Tom Sawyer Island

7. Rivers of Amerca Sounds (Birds, Dog)

Critter County

8. Splash Mountain Ride Thru Mix

Sounds of Splash Mountain

9. I've Been Working on The Railroad - Critter Country


10. Fantasyland Castle Medley

11. Mickey Mouse March - Castle Carrousel

12. It's a Small World Clock Parade

13. It's a Small World Ride Thru Mix

14. Mickey's PhilharMagic (Full Show)

Disc Three

Fantasyland, Continued

1. Mickey Mouse Revue (Preshow)

2. Mickey Mouse Revue (Full Show)

3. Pinocchio's Daring Journey Ride Thru Mix

4. Peter Pan's Flight Ride Thru Mix

5. Snow White's Adventures Ride Thru Mix

6. The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down Down Down - Pooh's Hunny Hunt BGM

7. Pooh's Hunny Hunt Ride Thru

8. Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour

9. Haunted Mansion Ride Thru Mix


10. The Sound of Toons

11. Pluto's Playmate - ToonTown BGM

12. Radio Show "Wacky Station"

13. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin Ride Thru Mix

14. Donald Duck Theme - ToonTown BGM


15. If You Have Wings - Tomorrowland BGM

16. The Droid Rooms - Star Tours

17. Star Tours

Disc Four

Tomorrowland, Continued

1. Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters Ride Thru Mix

2. Meet the World (Full Show)

3. Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek Ride Thru Mix

4. Space Mountain

5. Eternal Seas (Full Show)

6. Captain EO (Full Show)

7. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience Theme

8. Sounds of Star Jets

Disc Five

Tokyo Disneyland Shows from 1983-1989

1. Tokyo Disneyland Parade (Full Show)

2. Kids of The Kingdom (Full Show)

3. Festival America (Full Show)

4. Minnie's Spring Carnival (Full Show)

5. Disney Musical Fantasy (Full Show)

6. Disney Classic on Parade (Full Show)

7. Adventureland Revue (Full Show)

8. Plaza Playtime (Full Show)

9. Mickey's Space Fantasy (Full Show)

Tokyo Disneyland Shows 1990 - 1992

10. Mickey Mouse Sports Festival (Full Show)

11. Lucky Nugget Stampede (Full Show)

12. Disney World Fair

Disc Six

Tokyo Disneyland Shows 1995-2008

1. Mickey Mania (Full Show)

2. Feel the Magic (Full Show)

3. Roger Rabbit's ToonTown Hour (Full Show)

4. Donald's Ducky Kids (Full Show)

5. Starlight Magic 2000 (Fulll Show)

6. D-Pop Magic (Full Show)

7. Disney's Dreams on Parade (Full Show)

8. Cool the Heat (Minnie Version)

9. Starlight Dreams (Full Show)

Disc Seven

The Seasonal Attractions

1. Country Bear Jingle Bell Jamboree (Full Show)

2. It's a Small World: A Very Merry Holiday Ride Thru Mix

3. Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare Ride Thru Mix

4. Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade (1985-1995)

5. Fantasy in the Sky (1993-Present)

Materials for The Set

1. The Red Cloth Covered Box

2. The 7 CD Audio Library

3. Lyric Book

4. Sounds of Tokyo Disneyland Hardcover Book

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