First 2 alien invasion now they battle machine


In a SHIELD facility Hank Pym and his wife Janet are working on upgrading the new SHIELD security Ultron, fitting it with Vibranium they gained from the kingdom of Wakanda and pieces of the Destroyer, everything is going well until Ultron activates himself and begins to download information from the SHIELD base but is cut off. Hank tries to deactivate Ultron but he is unresponsive and takes off. Hank calls Fury and tells him that there is some trouble and asks Fury what they should do.

Fury soon begins to calls in The Avengers, but is unable to contact Thor. Fury calls in Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk,Black Widow, Hawkeye and introduces them to there new team mates Ant Man and Wasp. The team is briefed and ask who created Ultron and Hank tells them that he did for AMI for security but they used it as a weapon so he stopped them and attempted to reprogram it for SHIELD, Just then they get a message that Ultron has attacked the city of Wakanda so they head off. Once there they find that Ultron was corrupted by the Phalanx who plan to rule earth and assimilate the population. The team battles them and are being defeated, Thor soon comes and help them, Wakanda is taken over and the team and Black Panther escape.

The team returns to the Hellcarrier and Plan how to take back Wakanda and stop the Phalanx. Hank, Tony and Bruce examine a piece of a Phalanx ship and find that there ships are sensitive to gamma radiation. T'Challa and Steve talk as they both have lost there homes. Thor reveals that he knows Ultron was made using the Destroyer and that is why he is there.

On The Phalanx ship Ultron has broken free from his commander and kills him taking control of the Phalanx army and heads to attack the hellecarrier. The team has created a weapon powered by radiation that may be able to stop the Phalanx when they are attacked. Ulton soon extracts all the information from the computer and shuts down the hellcarrier sending it plummeting down onto the ocean. The members of SHIELD and the team manage to escape and make there way to Wakanda where the team and the SHIELD agents battle the Phalanx and the team battles Ultron. The Hulk destroys Ultron but it begins to piece itself back together so Thor flies it to space and throws it into the sun. Thor returns and they Phalanx are destroyed and Black Panther returns to Wakanda and the team disbands.


Chris Evens As Steve Rogers/Captain America

Roberr Downey Jr As Tony Stark/Iron Man

Chris Hensworth As Thor

Mark Ruffalo As Bruce Banner/Hulk

Benedict Cumberbatch As Hank Pym/Ant Man

Rachael McAdams As Janet Van Dyke/Wasp

Chiwetel Ejiofor As T'Challa/Black Panther

James Masters As Ultron

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