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The 88 Constellation Warriors (星座の戦士, Seiza no senshi) are loyal to the heroic sorcerer Yen Sid. They serve his cause.

  1. Orion (オリオン, Orion): Leader of the pack. He is a giant huntsman. Looks like a Mijinion. Captains the ship the S.O.S. Psalterium Georgii.
  2. Cygnus (シグナス, Shigunasu): Swan-like commander. He has a kind heart. Rides the great speedboat Ramus Pomifer.
  3. Antila (アンティーラ, Antīra): He is an ant who uses an air pump. He is a great warrior from the planet of ants, Antlia (アントリア, Antoria)
  4. Perseus (ペルセウス, Peruseusu): A dragonfly who enslaved Medusa. His best friends are the Boxtrolls.
  5. Andromeda (アンドロメダ, Andoromeda): A human girl. Rides on the tree-like car Robur Carolinum.
  6. Apus (エイプス, Eipusu): An eagle-like messenger. Rides on the hot air balloon Globus Aerostaticus.
  7. Bootes: A tiger-like farmer. Friend to Dusty Crophopper and enemy to Mister Sinister.
  8. Canes Venatici: A coyote forced to destroy Jafar and Maleficent.
  9. Telescopium: A dog with the power of light.
  10. Sextans: Canis Major's and Orion's friend with the power of the sun. He is obsessed with wood and solar energy since he's a beaver.
  11. Hercules (ヘラクレス, Herakuresu): A human man forced to rescue Meg from Hades.
  12. Cetus: An orca, some call him a killer whale, forced to defeat Leonard Saber.
  13. Chamaeleon (カメレオン, Kamereon): A chameleon with a trident. Forced to fight Lotso and Zundapp. Rides on the Bufo, a frog-like motorcycle.
  14. Centaurus (ケンタウルス, Kentaurusu): A rhinoceros forced to restore peace to New Orleans and defeat Dr. Facilier.
  15. Camelopardalis: A giraffe forced to target Percival C. McLeach. Wields the Anguilla Sword.
  16. Caelum (カエルム, Kaerumu): A boxing kangaroo forced to beat down Shan-Yu.
  17. Auriga (アウリガ, Auriga): A chariot-riding cheetah. Forced to restore his family from Petra Fina.
  18. Ara (アラ, Ara): A spider with the power of the sea. Forced to kill Queen Beryl.
  19. Carina (カリーナ, Karīna): A monkey who is a car driver. Forced to assassinate Sakharine.
  20. Vela (ベラ, Bera): A mandrill who eats veal. Forced to defeat Tai Lung.
  21. Puppis: An orangutang who sometimes acts like a dog. Forced to fight Grimlord.
  22. Columba (コルンバ, Korunba): A dove who holds the olympic torch. Peaceful. Turns battles (such as one against Count Dregon) into ceasefires.
  23. Circinus: A crocodile professor. Fights KOMPLEX. He can use his compass to map out sources for the Constellation Cannon.
  24. Delphinus (デルフィナス, Derufinasu): A dolphin packed with a sword. Fights Dr. Blowhole.
  25. Crux (クラックス, Kurakkusu): A hippopotamus forced to cruxify the Evil Queen Grimhilde.
  26. Corvus (コバス, Kobasu): A crow. A secret agent of the G-Force and Jack Sparrow's best friend. Rides on the Scarabaeus Truck.
  27. Crater (クレーター, Kurētā): A camel-like builder. Armed with the Sextantium hammer.
  28. Dorado (ドラド, Dorado): A goldfish forced to fight off the evils of Gaston.
  29. Eridanus (エリダヌス, Eridanusu): A great white shark forced to defeat Ursula and Morgana.
  30. Fornax (ソーンアックス, Sōn'akkusu): An alien who uses the power of Mars's Fire.
  31. Corona Australis (コロナオーストラリス, Koronaōsutorarisu): An elephant with strength.
  32. Corona Borealis (コロナボレアリス, Koronaborearisu): A tapir who summons earthquakes.
  33. Draco (ドラコ, Dorako): A dragon wizard. Rides on the Felis jet.
  34. Grus (グルス): A crane who is obsessed with mobile cranes. Rides on the Phoenicopterus car.
  35. Coma Berenices (コマベレニシェズー): A frog with the power of the prince's wind. Friends with Isaac and Matthew.
  36. Lacerta (ラセルタ, Laceruta): A lizard sorcerer. Rides on the Noctua Owlcycle.
  37. Horologium (ホロロギウム, Hororogiumu): A squid who stops time for all evils.
  38. Hydra (ヒドラ, Hidora): A snake with no poison. Rides on the Solarium motorcycle.
  39. Indus (インダス, Indasu): An raccoon who uses Indian knowledge. Rides the horse named Sceptrum Brandenburgicum.
  40. Lyra (ライラ, Raira): A human who plays his harp to make wars cease.
  41. Lynx (リンクス, Rinkusu): Named after the animal he was. His weapon is an axe.
  42. Mensa (メンサ, Mensa): A South African gazelle who is stronger than the famous Table Mountain itself. Rides on the Frederici Honores concrete mixer truck.
  43. Lupus (ループス, Rūpusu): A wolf with the power of cold.
  44. Lepus (レパス, Repasu): A rabbit with the power of heat.
  45. Microscopium: A mosquito with the power to suck blood from terrorists and villains.
  46. Norma (ノーマ, Nōma): A robot armed with a machine gun, a bow, and some arrows.
  47. Monoceros (モノセロス): A unicorn-centaur sent to defeat Oogie Boogie.
  48. Pavo (パヴォ): A peacock forced to destroy King Miraz.
  49. Pictor (ピクタ, Pikuta): A camera-equipped human. Fights Lord Shen and King Goobot V.
  50. Pyxis (ピクシス, Pikushisu): A mace-loving man. Fights against Kilokahn and Master Xandred for a long time. Uses his compass all the time.
  51. Sculptor (スカルプター, Sukaruputā): A gargoyle robot armed with a spear. Rides on the Tetsudo Turtle Machine Mach car.
  52. Serpens (セルペンズ): The merged Vyper Brothers. Uses the Serpens Zero Glider gyro skateboard.
  53. Aquila (アキーラ, Akīra): Friend of Serpens. Flies in his brother Akira's Aquila Jetter (アキーラジェッター, Akīrajettā).
  54. Cepheus (セフェウス): A giant. His enemy is Wrath-Amon.
  55. Cassiopeia (カシオペア): A giantess. Her enemy is Divatox.
  56. Reticulum (レチクルム): A platypus-like wizard who turns his evil enemies to stone.
  57. Triangulum Borealis (トライアングルムボレアリス): A triangle-headed alien.
  58. Triangulum Australis (トライアングルムオーストラリス): A triangle-headed martian.
  59. Ursa Major(アーサメージャ): A grizzly bear equipped with a gun. Friend to Kumamon.
  60. Ursa Minor (アーサマイナー): A catapult-equipped polar bear.
  61. Vulpecula (ヴァルペキュラー): A fox who is sly. Steals from Megatron's castle.
  62. Volans (ボラン): A lobster with blue energy.
  63. Tucana (トゥカナ): A toucan who can split villain's heads in two.
  64. Sagitta (サギッタ): An archer from Jupiter.
  65. Ophiuchus (オピュクス, Opyukusu): A wasp with the sting of power. Former Zodiac Force member.
  66. Piscis Austrinus (ピスキスオースツリーナス): A bee trapped in amber whilst collecting pollen. Has the power to speak in the amber.
  67. Musca (ムスカ, Musuka): A fly forced to save Laputa from Colonel Muska. Rides on the Apis motorcycle.
  68. Aries (アリエス, Ariesu): Ram-headed leader of Zodiac Force (黄道十二星座の戦士, Kōdō Jūni Seiza no Senshi, "12 Ecliptical Constellation Warriors").
  69. Taurus (タウラス, Taurasu): A bull forced to defeat Taurus Bulba and save St. Canard.
  70. Gemini (ジェミニ, Jemini): Two human twins with two powers each.
  71. Cancer (キャンサー, Kyansā): A crab who can spread cancer to terrorists.
  72. Leo (レオ, Reo): A lion with sound.
  73. Leo Minor (レオマイナー, Reo Mainā): Leo's son, a lion cub.
  74. Virgo (バルゴ, Barugo): A human woman and power of wood.
  75. Libra (ライブラ, Raibura): A giant stone robot with the power of metal.
  76. Scorpio (スコーピオ, Sukōpio): A scorpion, friendly to the heroes, unfriendly to the villains.
  77. Sagittarius (サジタリアス, Sajitariasu): An archer with the power of sand.
  78. Capricornus (カプリコーヌス, Kapurikōnusu): A goat who is sometimes called Capricorn (カプリコーン, Kapurikōn).
  79. Aquarius (アクエリアス, Akueriasu): A merman with the water power.
  80. Pisces (ピスケス, Pisukesu): A human diver whose minions are two fish.
  81. Equuleus: A horse with a long sword.
  82. Octans (オクタンス, Okutansu): A man with a gas mask. Rides on the Vespa motorboat.
  83. Pegasus (ペガサス, Pegasasu): A winged horse and Hercules' companion who was given to him by Zeus as a present.
  84. Phoenix (フェニックス, Fenikkusu): A canary of the sun. Rides on the Sceptrum et Manus Iustitiae space shuttle.
  85. Scutum (スキュータム, Sukyutamu): A super-powered robot. He can ride the giant rooster Gallus.
  86. Kate (ケイト, Keito): An Alpha wolf. Also known as Agent Canis Major of Space Patrol Delta.
  87. Humphrey (ハンフリー, Hanfurī): An Omega wolf. Also known as Canis Minor of the Justice League.
  88. Hydrus: Called "the final member" (最後のメンバー, Saigo no menbā) by the other 87 warriors. He is a man resembling Sora. He wants to hunt down the evil Xehanort down and save the Destiny Islands.

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