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7Teen is a Canadian-American role-playing game developed by Teletoon and Fresh TV. The game is based on the animated sitcom 6Teen.  

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Main Characters

  • Scott Spencer: a main Protagonist of the game.He recently moved to live Toronto, Ontario with his aunt after his parents had to work overseas. He's starts Day 1.(Voiced by Michael Cera)
  • Jonesy Garcia: he's a tall, good-looking, womanizing teenage boy. after his girlfriend Nikki left. he decide to make Scott to replace her and became a 6th member of his group. he is Ninja Armor.He's starts Day 2. (Voiced by Terry McGurrin)
  • Jen Masterson: a responsible girl, born into a family in the shadow of her more glamorous and popular older sister, Courtney, and the prospect of taking on additional siblings from her mother's relationship with Jonesy Garcia's father. she is Jonesy's step-sister. she also crush on (Fall in love with) Scott because he was rescue her. and she still works at The penalty Box. She's starts Day 2.(Voiced by Megan Fahlenbock)
  • Caitlin Cooke: a slightly peppy and resourceful teenage girl with a love for shopping. Caitlin's upbeat attitude and bubbliness often result in unforeseen, comedic antics during her numerous romantic escapades.When every guys dump her. she will cry. that why Scott call her "Cute Cry baby".She is friend of Scott and Jonesy at the Galleria Mall.She's starts Day 3. (Voiced by Brooke D'Orsay)
  • Wyatt Williams:a musical boy with a caffeine addiction. He is usually the meekest of the program's three male stars. And now, he works are indie cafe and became singer and guitarist. when Scott mets him with Jonesy.He's starts Day 25.(Voiced by Jess Gibbons)
  • Jude Lizowski : an easygoing boy with a knack for extreme sports. A free spirit, Jude is known for his over-the-top comportment and pranks. Also, He became friend of Scott. He's starts Day 36.(Voiced by Christian Potenza)
  • Nikki Wong:a Tomboy/rebellious punk-rock influenced girl who is arguably the most sensible of the group with her sarcastic wit. Set she left years ago, she is replaced by Scott spencer until she'll Returns. She's Starts Day 70.(Voiced by Stacey DePass)


A Years later in Canada, Jonesy and the Gang decide to replace nikki. A Teenage guy name Scott Spencer is Transfer Student from America. He is move to Canada to meet his aunt because his parents busy. Suddenly, He something about this world happen. Scott saw shadow creature to attack him. But, he defert it. So Scott and his friends are ready to war until The Dark Rage will invading in Day 300.


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7Teen: The animation


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