Two Dollar Ride (simply said or written as 2$ Dollar Ride) Is a 2013 comedy film to be directed by a chipmunk with ADHD. The film is set to be filmed in Colorado with a budget of 6.8 million dollars.


On Sunday afternoon, a young girl gets a strange call on the phone to come outside, when she does so, she is killed by a watermelon. Soon after, the police visit the scene only to find the body is gone, replaced with a two dollar bill and a bloody knife. Uncertain, police Chief Gregory McCain decides to hire expert detective Alex Flapjack to investigate. Soon after, another young girl, Jessica Simpson, is attacked in her home by a man wearing a green suit and pants with money symbols all over it. She is brutally beaten to death with a bag pipe and flung out a window where she lands on a Domino’s Pizza car. On Fox News, the city is informed of the two murders and the odd way both victims were killed along with a 2$ left at the crime scene each time. This pushes Gregory to the limit and he sends his family out of town while he begins to hunt for the killer. Soon after, the killer strikes again, killing a un- named woman with a banana before anally raping her. This shocking murder leads the rest of the town into a panic attack, causing riots in the city streets. Meanwhile, Gregory finds a lead and guesses that the Killer is working for a nearby gang called "2$ Dollar Tramps" as they are a prostitution ring. Gregory is attacked by the gang where he is forced to shoot two members in the face before beating the leader to a pulp. The Leader is then questioned about the killer, to which he simply states "Find out you're self you piece of cop shit!" The Leader is then also shot in the face. Gregory then gets a call telling him that Alex Flapjack has been murdered in his hotel overnight, leaving Gregory to finish this. Gregory figures the man might have been hired to kill prostitutes of the rival gang, "Whores of the Road". Gregory goes and picks up Prostitute Jessica Albert to take her to the police station for protection. The Killer than rams into Gregory's police car with a stolen SWAT van, causing a five minute chase to the station causing both cars to wreck into the front desk, killing the receptionist. Gregory proceeds to hide Jessica in the office while shooting at the killer with an AK-47 which the Killer swiftly avoids before shooting Gregory with a 357 Magnum. The Killer than walks passed the seemingly dead Gregory and prepares to finish the job when Gregory shoots him with a Shot Gun, blowing his head off. As the Ambulance pulls up, Fox News recounts the nights events calling Gregory a hero, meanwhile, Gregory and the rescued prostitute have sex while eating Twinkies.


Filming will take place in most of Colordao, official areas have not been comfirmed, in fact, this artical is probably illegal because we just leaked the damn plot to you... :/

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