2009 Wars 1-5-4 takes place 5:04am 1 January to 5:04pm 31 December.

BATTLES- Harry Potter (England) 1 January 5:04am- 2 February

  • Harry Potter VS Megatron- Uruguay
  • Harry Potter VS Leonard Saber- Brazil
  • Harry Potter VS Gallaxhar- USA
  • Harry Potter VS Onigen- Japan
  • Harry Potter VS Jason Voorhees- France
  • Harry Potter VS Ryder- Austria
  • Harry Potter VS Seamstress- Australia
  • Harry Potter VS The Beldam- Italy
  • Harry Potter VS Cobra Commander- New Zealand
  • Harry Potter VS Enik- Egypt
  • Harry Potter VS Kahmunrah- Libya
  • Harry Potter VS Lord Piccolo- Jamaica
  • Harry Potter VS Lyle Wainfleet- Mexico
  • Harry Potter VS M. Bison- Thailand
  • Harry Potter VS Terminator- China
  • Harry Potter VS Voldemort- England
  • Harry Potter VS Nero- Russia
  • Harry Potter VS Prince Charming- Germany

BATTLES- Goku (Japan)

  • Goku VS Megatron- Uruguay
  • Goku VS Leonard Saber- Brazil
  • Goku VS Gallaxhar- USA
  • Goku VS Onigen- Japan
  • Goku VS Jason Voorhees- France
  • Goku VS Ryder- Austria
  • Goku VS Seamstress- Australia
  • Goku VS The Beldam- Italy
  • Goku VS Cobra Commander- New Zealand
  • Goku VS Enik- Egypt
  • Goku VS Kahmunrah- Libya
  • Goku VS Lord Piccolo- Jamaica
  • Goku VS Lyle Wainfleet- Mexico
  • Goku VS M. Bison- Thailand
  • Goku VS Terminator- China
  • Goku VS Voldemort- England
  • Goku VS Nero- Russia
  • Goku VS Prince Charming- Germany

BATTLES- 9 (Greece) 5 March- 6 April

  • 9 VS Megatron- Uruguay
  • 9 VS Leonard Saber- Brazil
  • 9 VS Gallaxhar- USA
  • 9 VS Onigen- Japan
  • 9 VS Jason Voorhees- France
  • 9 VS Ryder- Austria
  • 9 VS Seamstress- Australia
  • 9 VS The Beldam- Italy
  • 9 VS Cobra Commander- New Zealand
  • 9 VS Enik- Egypt
  • 9 VS Kahmunrah- Libya
  • 9 VS Lord Piccolo- Jamaica
  • 9 VS Lyle Wainfleet- Mexico
  • 9 VS M. Bison- Thailand
  • 9 VS Terminator- China
  • 9 VS Voldemort- England
  • 9 VS Nero- Russia
  • 9 VS Prince Charming- Germany

BATTLES- Wolverine of the X-Men (Canada) 7 April- 8 May

  • Wolverine VS Megatron- Uruguay
  • Wolverine VS Leonard Saber- Brazil
  • Wolverine VS Gallaxhar- USA
  • Wolverine VS Onigen- Japan
  • Wolverine VS Jason Voorhees- France
  • Wolverine VS Ryder- Austria
  • Wolverine VS Seamstress- Australia
  • Wolverine VS The Beldam- Italy
  • Wolverine VS Cobra Commander- New Zealand
  • Wolverine VS Enik- Egypt
  • Wolverine VS Kahmunrah- Libya
  • Wolverine VS Lord Piccolo- Jamaica
  • Wolverine VS Lyle Wainfleet- Mexico
  • Wolverine VS M. Bison- Thailand
  • Wolverine VS Terminator- China
  • Wolverine VS Voldemort- England
  • Wolverine VS Nero- Russia
  • Wolverine VS Prince Charming- Germany

BATTLES- Optimus Prime (Spain) 9 May- 10 June

  • Optimus Prime VS Megatron- Uruguay
  • Optimus Prime VS Leonard Saber- Brazil
  • Optimus Prime VS Gallaxhar- USA
  • Optimus Prime VS Onigen- Japan
  • Optimus Prime VS Jason Voorhees- France
  • Optimus Prime VS Ryder- Austria
  • Optimus Prime VS Seamstress- Australia
  • Optimus Prime VS The Beldam- Italy
  • Optimus Prime VS Cobra Commander- New Zealand
  • Optimus Prime VS Enik- Egypt
  • Optimus Prime VS Kahmunrah- Libya
  • Optimus Prime VS Lord Piccolo- Jamaica
  • Optimus Prime VS Lyle Wainfleet- Mexico
  • Optimus Prime VS M. Bison- Thailand
  • Optimus Prime VS Terminator- China
  • Optimus Prime VS Voldemort- England
  • Optimus Prime VS Nero- Russia
  • Optimus Prime VS VS Prince Charming- Germany

BATTLES- Chun-Li (India) 11 June- 12 July

  • Chun-Li VS Megatron- Uruguay
  • Chun-Li VS Leonard Saber- Brazil
  • Chun-Li VS Gallaxhar- USA
  • Chun-Li VS Onigen- Japan
  • Chun-Li VS Jason Voorhees- France
  • Chun-Li VS Ryder- Austria
  • Chun-Li VS Seamstress- Australia
  • Chun-Li VS The Beldam- Italy
  • Chun-Li VS Cobra Commander- New Zealand
  • Chun-Li VS Enik- Egypt
  • Chun-Li VS Kahmunrah- Libya
  • Chun-Li VS Lord Piccolo- Jamaica
  • Chun-Li VS Lyle Wainfleet- Mexico
  • Chun-Li VS M. Bison- Thailand
  • Chun-Li VS Terminator- China
  • Chun-Li VS Voldemort- England
  • Chun-Li VS Nero- Russia
  • Chun-Li VS Prince Charming- Germany

BATTLES- Saya (China) 13 July- 14 August

  • Saya VS Megatron- Uruguay
  • Saya VS Leonard Saber- Brazil
  • Saya VS Gallaxhar- USA
  • Saya VS Onigen- Japan
  • Saya VS Jason Voorhees- France
  • Saya VS Ryder- Austria
  • Saya VS Seamstress- Australia
  • Saya VS The Beldam- Italy
  • Saya VS Cobra Commander- New Zealand
  • Saya VS Enik- Egypt
  • Saya VS Kahmunrah- Libya
  • Saya VS Lord Piccolo- Jamaica
  • Saya VS Lyle Wainfleet- Mexico
  • Saya VS M. Bison- Thailand
  • Saya VS Terminator- China
  • Saya VS Voldemort- England
  • Saya VS Nero- Russia
  • Saya VS Prince Charming- Germany

BATTLES- Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen (USA) 15 August- 16 September

  • Dr. Manhattan VS Megatron- Uruguay
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Leonard Saber- Brazil
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Gallaxhar- USA
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Onigen- Japan
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Jason Voorhees- France
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Ryder- Austria
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Seamstress- Australia
  • Dr. Manhattan VS The Beldam- Italy
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Cobra Commander- New Zealand
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Enik- Egypt
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Kahmunrah- Libya
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Lord Piccolo- Jamaica
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Lyle Wainfleet- Mexico
  • Dr. Manhattan VS M. Bison- Thailand
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Terminator- China
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Voldemort- England
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Nero- Russia
  • Dr. Manhattan VS Prince Charming- Germany

Deathmatches 17 September- 18 October Belgium

Com VS Com 19 October- 20 November Switzerland

Endmatch 21 November- 22 December Spain

Runner-Up 23 December- 24 December Israel

Xmatch 25 December- 26 December Saudi Arabia

Losers Bracket 27 December- 28 December Ireland

World Match 29 December- 30 December 1:00pm Portuagal

Final Round 30 December 1:01pm- 31 December 5:04pm Canada

Evil Battlers

  • Megatron (Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen)
  • Leonard Saber (G-Force)
  • Gallaxhar (Monsters VS Aliens)
  • Onigen (Blood: The Last Vampire)
  • Jason Voorhees (Friday The 13th 2009 Remake)
  • Ryder (The Taking Of Pelham 123 Remake)
  • Seamstress (9 Movie)
  • The Beldam (Coraline)
  • Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra)
  • Enik (Land Of The Lost)
  • Kahmunrah (Night At the Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian)
  • Lord Piccolo (Dragonball: Evolution)
  • Lyle Wainfleet (Avatar)
  • M. Bison (Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li)
  • Terminator (Terminator: Salvation)
  • Voldemort (Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince)
  • Nero (Star Trek)
  • Prince Charming (Shrek the Third) (Final Boss)

Heroic Battlers

  • Harry Potter
  • Goku
  • 9
  • Wolverine
  • Optimus Prime
  • Chun-Li
  • Saya
  • Dr. Manhattan

the heroes 30.

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