Plot Summary

Robin, Beast Boy, Terra and the other Titans go on a mission to discover the true identity of Red X, which turns out to be Jason Todd in disguise to prevent himself from being attacked by his enemies.

Trivia Notice

  • It's finally revealed that Red X is Eric Needham in disguise.
  • Jason Todd, the now revived former Robin changes from Red X to Optimo and becomes the 7th member of the Teen Titans team.
  • Jason Todd doesn't have his Robin mask on any longer. You can see his cerulean blue eyes.
  • Super Boy knows that Jason Todd was Red X all along and he later joins the Titans West.

Guest Voice Cast Members

  • Danny Cooksey = Super Boy (voice)
  • Jesse McCartney = Jason Todd (voice)


  • Red X is voiced by Robin's voice actor, Scott Menville when he speaks, but when he's revealed as Jason Todd, Jesse McCartney provides Jason Todd's voice as well.


"Red X Revealed" transcript

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