Plot Summary

The return of Ryan Shadow Crow Azarath Roth (Raven's long lost 7th brother) in the present with his bionic arm and bionic eye when The Teen Titans are in their 20's as grown ups in the Titans Tower as a villain brainwashed by Trigon and trying to bring back Raven's brother as she once knew when she was 7 years old. Raven has convinced that she hasn't seen her brother since she was 7 years old when he was murdered by Slade and by cut his whole hand off and pulled his eye out while falling down a cliff. Ryan has the power of vengeance, trickery and mockery. He will be copying all of the Titans, Honorary Titans and Justice League's powers and weakness with his magical bionic eye. Once Ryan killed her own sister with his sword that is powered by Raven's blood Ryan will be getting his real memories back and become an Anti-Hero.


"Death Factory" transcript slade trys to brainwash him but raven battles slade to keep him from doing that